Which Blogger or WordPress is Better and Why?

Which Blogger or WordPress is Better and Why?

If you have to do blogging or have an apni blog / website, then you are sakken, then you will tell about the blogs posted on the blog through blogger blog, for the stress I experience my experience, you are good or qi you do To become a blog / website for yourself alone by conniving white bloggers or WordPress.


First of all, what is the question, do you want to be your website / blog, we are doing it by ourselves, to earn money online, share whatever talents you have, or even something ..


I would like to compare myself to every point point plate or if you select the condition of condition or need for Q, then are you with your blog / website?


Know blogger or wordpress best or why?


# 1: Use my poster to blogger or wordpress


If you are new or you have less technical knowledge then you can use your bloggers. I am not a Parsi. I will not need any of your technical work. Surf is a little too where I do a lot of work. .


To use WordPress, it is important to have a technical knowledge. Qi Imme Hame lets me install WordPress hosting or any technical terminology too .. But unless you find me searching for my tutorial also Go ..


Simple subdomain I blogged to Quah blogger I will not have to make any mistake in you. Or create a normal JC Facebook account. UTN only makes blog your blog to create a blog from you.


# 2: Price – WordPress VS Blogger


Blogger is absolutely free or do not give us a single rupee in it. It means that you can create blog without searching.


WordPress is also open source software, but we have purchased this hosting hosting blog for WordPress which pays for money.


# 3: More feature types are blogger or wordpress


If you put an article on your blog then you can do it with anger, you can give your MySpace or Blogger facility to facilitate your hard, who tell me that it is something to use Not yet but can not add anything ..


WordPress has me to install the plugin to install the plugin.


# 4: Whether SEO is friendly or either Blogger or WordPress


Seo means search engine optimization is not just Donano speaking, what has he searched for me


Post meta detailsquality postquality backlink


Or everything Donone has become me or I have no end .. Do you get a Gallup from being a Jana SEO Friendly or not ..


Crosswordpress is the only way to add additional features to me. I want to know about the UI plugin for the same plugin, when I set up a keyword, I know that this automatic power has gone Which keyword has the density to post to me.


After living up to the keyword density, I tell about SEO that even my life is my name.


I do not make any difference to make SEO easy and easy, but SEO has not used the plugin for WordPress.


# 5: Safe to Blogger or WordPress


For any website, 100% safe can talk about security on any website. Official sites are hacks that have hacking. To save the entire site from hacking, then I also got ham because of security arrangements for everyone .


This blog for blogger’s blog blog, Hammer Simple Hammer is logging in with Gmail ID because it creates a great blog. But WordPress has been advised of any kind of configuration or if there is anything wrong with the header, then the hacker gets messed up.


It means to say or pick up the steps for ham protection, it is not easy to hack.

You can use WordPress plugins to protect my security or to defame WordPress. Like Wordfence ..

Blogger does not hack the site, if it compares to your website. For blogger’s security system, you can blog from your blog whether there is a share or you have access to the main email address for your own site Can. Hacking is impossible by a taxi. The blogger’s blog has a security risk or a shared media share or read your blog’s.


# 6: Blogger or WordPress is restricted to prevent high quality volley websites


A general website whose enhanced design gave the Kenyan a great deal of donation or you can visit a website’s website, you can choose features specifically for your WordPress. Apart from this, you can add some extra to Blogger on any additional blogger.


Blogger has to upload Hmmm also full blogger templates for designing.




I am giving you the face of Christ, it is a long time on the stage that I have something to do with me. But now you have gone to Aurja to create your own site for your tales.


I am giving you the face of Christ, it is a long time on the stage that I have something to do with me. But now you have gone to Aurja to create your own site for your tales.


I suggest that if you do not have a blog to create blog for Blogger, then you are either free or free or you have a blog, and if you become a blogger for blogger on blogger then you will be able to transfer WordPress You can transfer to WordPress. WordPress gets WordPress Cause Transfer, UK UK has expanded to the United States expansion, so when you want it to be featured in the Thad Jada feature Chuyen Muja or me UK Distributing over from some money will be so Liziange you do yours.


Blogger Q is the Best Of Its 13 Reasons To


Table Blogger VS WordPress


                                                       Blogger   WordPress
Easy to use on me.                           1                   0
Money what in the low activities.   1                   0
More Feature                                      0                   1
Security what more you.                   1                  0
Which is good for SEO.                      0                  1
High Quality Website।                        0                  1
Total Points।                                        3                  3


The duo has become clear by now, what is the best blogger or wordpress … if Alva is also a member, then you are sure to comment or you do not forget that what the person likes or forgets.

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