What is Digital or Online Marketing? How to Get Started.

Friends, you must have heard the name of marketing and know about it but you all know What is Digital or Online Marketing? How to Get Started. If you know well, if you do not know then today we are going to tell you about this. In a way you can call it complete tutorial of digital marketing and online internet marketing.

What is digital marketing?

One way to reach your product through the online internet is to use the logo in the global market, in which you can globally promote your product or brand through digital equipment such as mobile and computer. This is what we know by the name of digital marketing or online internet marketing.

The way we promote offline advertising through leaflets, paplets, poster, banner, is done in the same way as online internet marketing or digital marketing. The main purpose of both is to reach more and more people. But through digital marketing you can reach the global market at a lower cost.

How do digital or online marketing?

Nowadays, big political parties are also proposing digital and online internet marketing to promote their party, and it is also being successful. So let us know how to advertise with this digital aur online internet marketing.

1-Display Advertising

Display Advertising

In this type of advertise, we make 10-20 second video or gif image or banner ads by advertising our product and highlight it.

2- Blogging Ads

Blogging Ads

When the product ad comes to a blog Which is related to the keyword of that blog post, or the user’s interest from the website viewed by that user is taken from the cache of his browser, and the advertisement is displayed to the user, then a blogging ad is called.

You can also promote your product or service through blog. It can also be a free blog or a paid blog too. It does not make any difference, just need to keep it updated.

3-Text Ads

Text Ads

When text or video is displayed only on a blog or website, it is called text ads.

4- SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is called SEO only in shortcode. If you have a blog or website or an ecommerce website, then whatever method you use to bring it to the first page of serp (search engine result page) is called SEO. For blog or ecommerce website, traffic is a big source of search engine. It is currently of two types. on page seo and second off page seo.

5- Sponsored Search

Sponsored Search

If you search for a website in a search engine, then the other website related to that website appears above the serp’s first result, in which the ad is written in one corner. The advertisement written in the advertisement is a sponsored serach product.

6- Social media marketing

When you use a social media such as Facebook, twitter linkedIn, Instagram, you will see that some user friendly ads show on the timeline. Which displays on the user’s browsing cache and search history. If you advertise through social media, you can set gender and age to help you with it. This advertisement is the cheapest and most effective.

Facebook is a great marketing platform. By which you can reach your target audience in a very cheap and effective manner.

If you ignored twitter in the world of digital marketing, then you made a big mistake. There are over 300 million users on twitter this time. And every day many users are joining on this. So it’s a good platform for digital marketing like facebook.

7- Mobile Ads

Mobile Ads

In mobile ads, you can send sms directly to the user’s mobile. Or if the user uses the smartphone then he can show ads directly on his mobile screen.

8- Email marketing or Email ads

By this, you send your product information directly to the image of the image or video in a gif or in the email in the email. Which increases sales and traffic.

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9-Chat ads

Chat ads

When you use the chat of a social media, when you access your product information to the customer, it is called chat ads.

There are many more ways of internet marketing. There are many tools in the market that you can target your customer. Some way

  • Floating Ads
  • Web banner ads
  • Frame Ads
  • Pop-Up / Pop under Ads
  • Expanding Advertising
  • Trick banner
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Online Classifieds Ads
  • Adware
  • Supplemental marketing

Conclusion :-

Now you must understand what is digital aur internet marketing and how it is done. And why all national and multi national companies are using it. If you like this post, then share it with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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