Use of CloudFlare Flexibel SSL on WordPress site

Use of CloudFlare Flexibel SSL on WordPress site

Use of CloudFlare Flexibel SSL on WordPress site: As it would be common for you, Google has used HTTPS_HTTPS as a ranking factor to get a position in the search engine rank.

This means that if your website is open on HTTPS _ HTTPS in place of HTTP _ HTTP, then this website can get a good rank in Google. This way, the page view of your website can grow.

It was a while ago that the use of HTTPS used to be expensive and had to be installed by buying SSL certificates _ SSL Certificate. I thank Cloudfellow that they have given free version of HTTPS, which is also easy to put on the website.

Setting up the CloudFlare Flexibel SSL

Setting Up Cloudflare Flexible SSL

1. Create account on CloudFlare
2. Select Free Plan
3. Add your domain to your own here
4. After that you click on the domain name
5. Then click on the icon of crypto _ crypto
6. On this page you select the first option Flexible SSL _ FLexible SSL

After doing this, the Flexible SSL certificate will be issued for your website, which takes a little time. As soon as the SSL certificate is issued, the message will appear on the green button.

Installing CloudFlare Flexible SSL on WordPress

Using Cloudflare Flexible SSL on WordPress

After that, you have to let your site’s WordPress address and site address remain HTTP. After this you will have to install the following plugins. This plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Dashboard or this link.

CloudFlare Flexibel SSL Plugin

Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin

This plugin is essential for installing CloudFlare Flexible SSL on WordPress. This prevents you from getting entangled in your Infinite Redirect Loop website.

WordPress HTTPPS plugin

WordPress HTTPS Plugin

This plugin proves to work in the situation when all the links on your website are not HTTPS, it brings them to HTTPS. This plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Dashboard or this link.

Setting up the WordPress HTTPPS plugin


Setting Up WordPress HTTPS Plugin

1. Go to the settings of the plugin.
2. Justify the proxy settings.
3. Save the changes after this.

Creating Page Rule in CloudFlare

Create Cloudflare Always Use HTTPS Page Rule

By creating page rules, you direct CloudFlare that the contents of your site are served from HTTPS.

1. Go to CloudFlare.
2. Click on your domain.
3. Click on the Page Rules icon.
4. Then click on the Create Page Rule _ Create Page Rule button.
5. Then type your website URL this way.*
6. Now click on Add a setting _ Add a Setting and select Always option HTTPS option.
7. To save this change press Save & Deploy button of Save and Deploy.

Change wordpress site address

Change WordPress Site Address to HTTPS

Eventually start site address with HTTP instead of HTTP. But let WordPress stay the address. If you do not do this then your site will break.

Checking CloudFlare Flexibel SSL

Testing Cloudflare Flexiable SSL

After making the full changes, you can close your site and re-open it. If there is a green lock in the web browser then your site has got SSL certificates.

If it does not happen then wait a little while and still do not, then complete the incomplete setting by checking all the changes mentioned above.

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