The Most Important Guide to Web Hosting for Beginner Level

Hello Friends, When I started blogging, I did not have any clue about Web hosting, domain and even WordPress. Over time, I discovered Web hosting, cPanel, FTP, etc. Thanks to the internet and other blogs, which I found out after reading this

Web Hosting Complete Guidelines for Beginners

One of those are Web hosting packages.

Differentiating between Web hosting types for beginners can be confusing and also to know what are shared, VPS and such hosting packages actually.

In this guide I will give you a basic overview of the common hosting packages type you see often or about which you read daily so that when you read articles on hosting related Internet, you will be better understood whether you choose your website hosting Why not read it?

Most Common Web hosting Packages:
Here are some things about which I will not talk about, such as Windows or Linux hosting, because this is platform based hosting. Some web apps do a great job with Linux Web hosting, and some of them with Windows based hosting. For example, WordPress does a great job with hosting Linux.

I will talk about common hosting packages: Shared, VPS, dedicated and so on. Most Web hosting companies offer different offers only on the basis of these packages.

Shared Hosting package:

Web Hosting1


This is a very common and cheapest hosting type. For any new blogger, this is the most affordable package type, because it starts at $ 2- $ 15 / month, depends on which company you have selected. Shared hosting package can be classified in more limited and unlimited hosting.

Different hosting companies offer different hosting packages on the basis of their limitations. For example: Popular hosting company offers Hostgator Hatchling plan / baby plan and business plan on the basis of the difference of their hosting package and features.

Companies like Bluehost, who come with unlimited resources. Yet these unlimited resources are limited to Fair usage policy, if one misuses an unlimited hosting package, these companies have the right to terminate your account at any time.

But in real world sense, this limit is too much, you will never need to face it, unless you consume high CPU or do illegal downloads or streaming offers.

In the shared hosting environment, your websites will be hosted with many more websites (10-200). Which means all the IPs of the websites will be same and they will be sharing all the given resources.

One limitation of shared hosting is that if any site starts using high resources, then it affects the host on the same server on other sites. Such issues occur only once, so for beginners to start, the shared hosting is the best place. If your WordPress site is hosted on shared hosting, you can run a reverse site lookup, to know which other sites are hosted on the same server.

VPS: Virtual Private Server

Web Hosting2

VPS is the most common hosting package offered by many other companies. VPS is based on virtualization and unlike shared hosting, here you will find dedicated resources on your website limited.

VPS is expensive with shared hosting but works great when your website needs every time dedicated resources. VPS is also called Virtual Root Server / Virtual Dedicated Server. A very common myth is that moving on VPS will solve the issues of downgrading your website,

But here’s a tip: Common shared hosting package that Bluehost offers, Hostgator offers their resources entry level VPS hosting Are better than Virtual private server bridge those gaps that come between dedicated and shared hosting.

Despite sharing the same system with other websites, your website has a dedicated IP, Dedicated computer resources, and you will not be affected by any faulty website of the server.

Web Hosting3

There are two common types of VPS packages: Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS: You will be given root access in this package and you will be responsible for doing anything on your server. Including installing new script, updating package etc. Linode is one of the best unmanaged VPSs that offers one of the most competitive prices.

Managed VPS: This package is perfect for bloggers and those who are non-technical. You will have root access and you can do anything your virtual box and at the same time the web hosting team will help you everything.

For example: If you want to install a new package or addon, you can ask your VPS team to do this for you. Managed VPSs are something expensive with unmanaged VPS, but this is the true value of your price, as you do not need to dirty your hands with codes and commands.

Dedicated Server:

This resource is for hungry websites and web apps. There are some webapps and websites that require dedicated pool of resources, and all the time, as well as when you do not even want to share your system with anyone.

Dedicated services are usually the most expensive and they also come with managed and unmanaged dedicated server plan. In simple words, when you buy dedicated hosting from a company, you rent under system of their infrastructure.

Depending on the package and policy of the Web hosting company, you will not get limited support or get support. Inmotion Hosting is a very popular name in favor of dedicated hosting.

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So this was a review of types of hosting packages. In the coming days, we will learn more about web hosting.

Any questions? Request? Advice? Anything else ?

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