SSD hosting vs HDD hosting, which is best for business?

Hello friends, I am going to talk to you about this web hosting through this post, like SSD Hosting Vs HDD Hosting.

I am a big fan of SSD hosting! And yes, I only use SSD server for my blog.

SSD Hosting Vs HDD Hosting full Comparison & Details.

Do you know “why?” I’ll give you unquestionable reasons through this post!

Before joining the essential details of SSD web hosting, I want to emphasize the importance of fast loading site.

Yes, page loading speed matters a lot because it directly affects the user experience and sales.

If you are still thinking about the benefits of ownership of such a site which is loading at a fast pace, then you should read my post, why should you need a quick loading website? ”

Now come to the main point and yes, this SSD hosting review post has a reason to talk about the speed of the site!

Without further, let’s come into this matter.

After reading this post, I’m sure you would like to buy the best SSD hosting service for your site or blog.

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1) What is SSD Hosting?

The abbreviation SSD is a solid state drive. This is the best type of computer storage that stores data in integrated circuits (ICs). The hosting service using this non-volatile storage device is called SSD Web Hosting.

SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting1

SSD Hosting vs. HDD Hosting

If you have studied electronics in your academic, then you can become familiar with SSD hosting vs HDD hosting storage devices. (Note – I am an Electronics Engineer )

If you have not done it, then you can imagine how SSD hosting is better than traditional hosting using HDD (hard disk drive) storage device?

Let me make a brief comparison between SSD and HDD hosting so that you make a wise decision in choosing the best server service for your business site.

1. Fast server performance

HDD Hosting

Launching by IBM, HDD has many spinning discs to store and read data. Thus, it involves mechanical action and it takes a long time to recover data.

When the hosting server uses HDD storage device, it will provide a delay display (when you receive visitors to your site) and cause heat due to the moving parts inside the HDD.

In simple words, the warmer the server gets, the slower it runs and therefore offers low speed performance for the website.

SSD Hosting

There are no mechanical parts to read and write data in the SSD server and therefore allow them to move very fast without any delay.

The results have proven that SSD hosting can service up to 65% faster than HDD hosting because pre-disk discs are not taking time.

Thus, there is no doubt that SSD server hosting can increase the speed of data transfer and website load can accelerate the power.

2. Security

SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting2

HDD hosting

HDD hosting is weak for shock and vibration; It also generates more heat. Therefore, the possibility of data loss is high here.

To reduce this incomplete, most HDD hosting services use better RAID backup strategies that will make the system more complicated.

As you know the importance of protecting our valuable data and keeping the site live all the time, getting HDD hosting for your business site will not be the right choice.

Ssd hosting

With SSD hosting, you do not have to worry about data protection because it is more resistant to physical damage.

Yes, SSD servers are made of durable microchips which are less prone to mechanical flaws. In addition, most SSD web hosting companies have integrated powerful hack scan protection to prevent double firewall system and virus attacks.

High-capacity data transfer of SSD technology can provide consistent performance with maximum server load to increase the reliability of your site.

Whatever hosting service you use, it will be better to learn and implement basic backup methods to stay safe from the loss of data loss.

3 ECO -Frenchley (SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting Power Consumption)

HDD Hosting

The hosting server that contains many HDDs, requires a special cooling system to handle the heat generation.

Generally, HDD devices consume 5 times more power than SDD (6 – 12 watts) and harm the environment via carbon emissions.

High energy consumption is one of the major deficiencies of HDD hosting and thus it is not environmentally friendly.

Ssd hosting

Due to the absence of the spinning drive, the SSD web hosting server consumes very little power (2 – 5 watts) and is therefore considered to be an ecologically friendly hosting.

It is useless and does not require additional cooling system like HDD to cool the server room.

In other words, SSD hosting is a green web hosting that has an energy efficient data center to reduce environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint.

4. Better ranking and conversion

SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting3

It is a famous fact that Google considers site loading speeds as one of the search engine ranking factors. In addition, faster websites can provide the best user experience, resulting in a huge conversion.

HDD Hosting

Delay output due to the rotating part of the HDD storage device is a major roadblock in bringing SEO benefits.

As I said early, Google hates slower loading websites. So, driving your targeted visitors from search results will be rocket science for you!

No organic traffic = no sales

Similarly, the page loading speed delay in seconds of loading may disappoint your readers and leave them for your site forever.

Thus, it does not matter how did you sell your site, adsense (advertising revenue), affiliate marketing (sale) or your own product / service? You will fight to make steady revenues with the time-consuming loading site hosted on the HDD server.

Ssd hosting

As I discussed earlier, SSD server hosting has the ability to load your site super fast with which you can promote your SEO and make search engines happy for top ranking.

Also, you will never have to wait for site loadings to readers, and thus there is a high probability of converting them to leads or sales.

If you have an active ecommerce business site or an active blog with thousands of daily visitors, then by getting a fast SSD hosting, you can beat your competitors by increasing the speed of your website.

5. Pricing

SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting4

HDD Hosting

Pricing is the only favorable factor for HDD hosting and of course, it is cost effective. Since it is easy to configure with HDD server, so the cost of HDD hosting is cheap.

The estimated cost of HDD server hosting is $ 0.05 / $ 1 GB and it is best suited for start-up sites with a small number of visitors.

Ssd hosting

The cost of SSD server hosting Gigabyte per data storage is about 2-3 times higher than the HDD hosting service.

For example, the best SSD hosting company, Innovation VPS is offering 75 GB for $ 30 / month. This price is worth the busy business site.

Since the technology is emerging, it is more likely to get unlimited SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting server hosting nowadays!

Advantages of SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting

Therefore, you have understood the difference between SSD Hosting vs HDD hosting from the above section and now, let me strengthen the benefits of SSD website hosting!

Very fast performance and quick access times High reliability (uptime) and not secure heat production and data loss issues. Less energy consumption and eco friendly cache memory is available. No defragmentation is necessary More suitable and profitable for business sites

How fast is SSD hosting?

Since SSD storage can provide quick data access, it makes your site more responsive by running this script and content easily. Thus, more I / O requests are also improved in server stability (when you get hundreds of site visitors at one time).

Most SSD hosting companies understand that page load delays in milliseconds will affect SEO ranking, bounce and conversion rates. In this way, they use Turbo Servers that can make your site up to 15 times faster than non-SSD hosting providers.

According to the promotion of Innovation (pure SSD website hosting), when a server receives many I / O requests, HDD 5% will be transitable compared to SDD. Even for very little read / write requests, the HDD server does SSD to only 35% of the data.

I hope you are clear how fast SSD hosting is and can offer optimum performance!

Do you really need SSD hosting service?

Still, you may be in a dilemma, SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting to choose?

If your business site does not have enough media files and huge content volume for thousands of users to access on a daily basis, then you can choose HDD hosting.

Also, if you are on a tight budget and need more disk space for your website, then go for HHD hosting service.

However, if you want to buy high performance hosting servers with 100% uptime to handle your huge visitors and to generate consistent revenue from your website, then your selection should be “SSD Hosting”.

Although its price is slightly higher, but it is advisable to invest money for the benefits listed above.

How to choose the best SSD hosting provider?

Since I am familiar with choosing SSD server hosting, let me present a checklist to choose the best SSD hosting service for the web presence of my business.

99.99% uptime and stability Incorrect pure and best solid state drive storage and money back guarantee Multi-layer data loss prevention efficient data center 24 x 7 customer support

Many host SSD websites offer hosting services, but you should be careful while buying good SSD shared hosting.

Yes, it should not hog all the resources on the same server. If you get such low quality, cheap SSD hosting, then there is no point in getting SSD facility for your site or blog.

First of all, you should know the basics to see when buying a server for your site. Now, catch the fastest SSD hosting companies to catch any hesitation!

Which hosting wins? SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting?

From the above description, you must have concluded that SSD hosting is a clear winner!

Yes! You are 100% correct

HDD hosting receives digital notifications through those plates that are coated with magnetic material and cause delay in service of input / output requests. It also requires defragmentation on a regular basis.

In order to overcome these difficulties, hosting companies have started using SSD technology and helped speed up site load power.

It is not surprising that if SSD server hosting will dominate the entire hosting industry in the near future because it can operate under any temperature and can handle heavy site traffic.

so what are you waiting for? Enjoy the worry-free hosting experience with the fastest SSD hosting and tweak your web presence with it.

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What type of hosting are you using? What is your opinion about the type of SSD hosting? Do you want to achieve it and perform better? Share your priceless ideas and suggestions in the comments section.

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