New iPhone 9 release date.

New iPhone 9 release date.

New iPhone 9 release date.

Apple launches a new iPhone every year, and 2018 should not be different.

But the fry firm is keeping a tight lid on the iPhone 9 news, so we have scratched the web for all the latest rumors of the new iPhone 9 release dates, as well as information on specs, designs, features and price.

IPhone 9 has been installed on the ground in 2018, and we believe the release date has been cloned.

Rumors of the new iPhone 9 Release Date – When is the next New iphone 9 release date.

Apple always announces a new iPhone in the early months of September, usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

This means we are most likely to be shown on iPhone 9 on Tuesday, September 11, or Wednesday, September 12.

Experts say that Apple’s next iPhone is expected to increase prices

For the actual release date, Apple likes on Friday in mid-September – usually around the 20th day of the month.

This year, the most likely date is on Friday, September 21, so mark your calendar.

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Rumors of the new iPhone 9 – Specs, Features and Design

The expanded iPhone 9 leak will not come up for a while, but considering the estimated nature of the phone industry, we can guess about it.

For a start, Apple will definitely upgrade your next phone with a new custom-made processor.

Last year we got the Apple A11 Bionic Chip, which was faster than the 25 percent older version. So for 2018, we expect the Apple A12 chip to be faster in the iPhone 9

The phone is also set to receive a screen size collision, if the world’s leading Apple analyzer is to be believed.

The old iPhone 8 showed a dirty 4.7-inch display, buys Ming-chi Koo, saying that we will see a big screen of 6.1 inches on the iPhone 9.

Mobile expert Imran Chowdhury told the Sun that this new iPhone XDISINE would be borrowed from borrowing – a large screen which touched every edge of the device.

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We know from our research that consumers are constantly moving towards large screening devices, “he explained.

“Apple can fit the 6.5-inch screen now, given the low bezle it can fit into very small devices, this year will not be surprising to see this device.”

And GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives told us that there is a “demand in China” for big screen phones – and it is a country that Apple really wants to improve sales.

The bad news is that Ming-chi has said that the new iPhone 9 is using traditional LCD display instead of the more advanced OLED screen than the previous year’s iPhone X.

OLED panels generally display a wide range of colors and offer better contrast, but they are expensive and difficult.

What is OLED?

* Apple’s new iPhone can be out on an OLED screen, but what does it mean?

* Last year’s iPhone X was the first model for an OLED screen

* Unlike traditional LCD-backlit LCD display, the pixels inside the OLED panel produce their own light

* This means that individual pixels can be turned on or off, so that the true black color can be displayed

* This also means that the display is more power-efficient, because there is no need for big backlight

* These power saving can be converted into overall battery life correction

* And the image is even better: dark black, more color and better contrast overall

* But the OLED screens are expensive and hard, so not all phones use it

* To save costs, Apple may eat OLED panels on some of its 2018 smartphones

Instead of running the cost of the iPhone 9, Apple can use the LCD screen and keep the prices (relatively low).

New iPhone 9 release date.

It includes Face ID, Apple’s face recognition feature which allows you to use your face to unlock your phone, as well as use animated emoji emoji.

The identity of the face is a potential silver bullet innovation that will play a center-level role in the next few iPhone models, “Daniel Ives told the Sun.

“This iPhone X has a clear selling point, and Apple knows that the next phase of innovation will be on the software and ‘under the hood’.”

Experts say that 2018 is likely to launch three new iPhone models, which includes the ‘budget’ option, which costs £ 800 – Ouch!

Other possible improvements include the promotion of a battery life and a newer version of Apple’s iOS software that are with new features.

Price of the iPhone 9 – How much will the new iPhone cost?

We regret to say that the balloons are ready to continue the trend of smartphone costs

Contemporary analyst Dominic Sananebo said: “We are hoping that the prices of smartphones will increase in 2018, especially with the devaluation of pounds.”

The iPhone 8 was the flagship phone with the most expensive entry level of Apple, at the cost of 6990 at the launch – the biggest jump of last year.

According to Imran Chowdhury, this price will increase further for the iPhone 9, it is suggested that we can see the retail price around “800 pounds”.

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