Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Timeline (2008 to 2018) Part:- 1

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you the details of the details of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Timeline:- (2008 to 2018) Part:- 1

MCU started in 2008 with Iron Man in 2018, the last film Ant-Man and the Wasp, complete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Timeline,

All the film is described, then read it till the end of the post.

Beginning of Time:

The Big Bang explodes from six predecessive singularities. As the universe has been built, the remains of these singularities are forged in objects with unbelievable power over specific aspects of existence.

Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul and Time These objects are eventually known as Infinity Stones, spread to the entire universe.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Timeline
(Photo by © Walt Disney Pictures and © Marvel Studios)

Often in forms that do not make their real nature unrecognizable.

Remote Past:

The oldest creatures, Celestials, are born in the universe. The oldest of them, ego comes into being and finds himself alone.

The ego gradually learns to control the substance of the milliania, eventually creating a planet around it,

Also to explore the universe, to expand the human expansion, like himself, to seek other life.

Ego gets life:-

And it is very overwhelmed. He decides to spread himself into the universe. He travels the seeds of the earth planting himself on different planets.

He fathers children with many species, hopes for a child who can help him in activating the seeds.

As other cellists emerge, they become the first person to use and use the Infinity Stones.

Who make the technology to transform their power into unimaginable weapons of destruction.

At one point, how many astronomers share the energy of the Infinity Stones in their own right, but it is destroyed immediately.

During this period, an unknown Celestial is decapitated. After billions of years, his cut head was turned into an interstellar mining colony named North.

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After some time, creatures going to comics in the form of elders of the universe came into existence.

Amar (although not all powerful), these creatures have to face their long life by involving their passions. Among them, Taneelir Tiwana, later known as the Collector.

And En Dwi Gast, later known as The Grandmaster.

Probably hundreds of thousands of years ago: a huge meteorite made of pure vibrium accidents in Central Africa.

On the eine, the impact crater is covered with earth and leaves until it is buried underground.

130,000 to 10,000 years ago:-

On earth, five early human tribes discovered the Vibronium meteor impact site, and found the Wakanda nation over time.

Falcons eventually use the powerful technique created with Vibranium – and the benefits of being the only source of the Earth to conceal themselves from the rest of the world.

(Photo by © Walt Disney Pictures and © Marvel Studios)

The King of Wakanda uses heart-shaped herb which increases the original vibratory effect to become a Black Panther near the site.

2988 BC:-

There was an alliance in a program called “convergence” – including nine regions – Asgaard (home of the Gods of the Gods), Midgard (Earth), Jotunheem (Frost Giants), and Swartfalheim (Dark Elves) – in every 5,000 years. it happens .

During the convergence, the Dark Elves killer leader Malkith receives Capture of Ather, in fact, the reality is the infinity stone, and with it tries to destroy nine areas.

He is defeated by Assguard under the leadership of King Bor. Asgaard then comes in the possession of Ether.

Asgard also falls under this time, another Infinity Stone, occupied by Space Stone. Space Stone eventually became known as Tessaract.

After some time, the son of Bore, Odin became the king and leads to Asgaard in the nine-field triumph. He is assisted with the help of Goddess Haila of his death.

But soon they realize that they have been consumed by lust for destruction and victory. To stop him, he had to be forced to fight.

Winning only after the big sacrifice, which included everyone’s death, but his elite was one of the Valkyrie warriors.

After Hela being confined, Odin changes Asgard into a peaceful, enlightened society around culture and science rather than peace.

And all the records that have ever existed are clear from the historical record.

965 AD:-

Odin led the Asgard to fight the earth to prevent Jostunhem’s Frost veterans from waging the war. Later, he takes the Prince of Frost Veterans and adopts him by giving him the Loki name.

Loki raised with Odin’s natural-born son, Thor was never told that he is Frost Giant, and none of the brothers are told about Hela.

At this time, Odin hides the Tessaract between Asgardian worshipers in Tonsberg, Norway. This is ultimately forgotten and Tessaract is lost. By this point, the ether has also been lost, and forgot.


Hydra leader Johan Schmidt convinced the Nazi High Command that HYDRA would allow research and develop weapons for the third ratch.

Schmidt caught the scientist Abraham Erskine and forced Nazis to work on their super-soldier serum.


18-year-old Steve Rogers dies in tuberculosis in Brooklyn, New York.

Following Steve’s best friend James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, while giving Steve to his support and assistance, he will be “with you till the end of the line”.


Schmidt injects himself from the prototype of Super-Serial Serum, which gives him strength, but defines his face, which leads him to the “red skull” nickname.

Irskin is rescued from Hydra by British secret agent Pegy Carter. He joined the American industrialist Howard Stark to continue his super-colleague research for the colleagues through the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

S.H.I.E.L.D. The predecessor of the agency called


Lucky Enlists in the US Army after the outbreak of World War II. Steve makes many attempts to join him, but stops repeatedly due to poor health and small levels.

In the same year, Red Skull finds Tesseract hidden in a church in Tonsburg. He uses it to give strength to several experimental machines and weapons.


Erskine recruits Steve Rogers as a candidate for his sophisticated serum. Serum turns Rogers into a super-soldier from a small, weak man.

But Erskine is killed by a Hydra agent during the process. Rogers captains America’s personality.

After saving the Hydra facility seen by the scientist Arnim Zola, and after saving other US soldiers, war heroes, who conduct inhuman experiments on POIS.

Lucky and a rescued soldier, known as the Hawling Commando, an elite team led by Captain America.


Captain America and Hawling commandos successfully captured Zola, but during the operation, Bucky was lost and believed to be dead.

Two months later, Captain America defeats the Red Skull, but to prevent the Red Skull bomber from attacking the United States, the cap has to be forced to break the plane somewhere near Greenland.

She is lost and considered dead. Howard Stark receives Tesseract during the discovery of Cap’s body, and in the end it becomes the top secret, SHIELD. Property.


Arnim Zola has been released from prison as part of the project paperclip and S.H.I.E.L.D. Has joined.

But secretly plans to rebuild Hydra within it. He recruits sleeper agents and has been assigned to the agency and the U.S. Spreads across the government.

Hydra retrieved the Bucky Barnes, who escaped from their estimated death for the first experiments of Zola. The lucky person has been put in the mind to become an assassin known as the Winter Soldier.

The process removes the memories of its past life and identity, and when it is not on the mission, then fortunate it is frozen in cyrostasis, which keeps them in physical condition for decades.


Winter soldiers are used for secret Hydra missions, including the murder of secret John F. Kennedy.

(Photo by © Walt Disney Pictures and © Marvel Studios)

Hydra operations eventually work behind the scenes to sow chaos so that eventually a fearful population can be desperate for safety.


The ego, still giving birth to the universe, reaches the earth, where she loves Meridith Quill. They have a son, Peter Quill.

The ego leaves Meridith, though he returns to meet him on two occasions.


S.H.I.E.L.D. Scientist Hank Pim invented a suit which allows him to reduce the size of a pest.

A device that allows him to communicate with the ants and to order. He takes you to the Ant-Man’s board, while his wife Janet makes a suit of himself.

Vasp becomes. Both S.H.I.E.L.D. Do secret operations on behalf of.


U.S. To force Soviet missile to go, Vasp had to be forced to fit inside the mantle of the cover to come in.

He is probably lost in the subatomic Quantum Realm, which is unable to return to normal size. In your own sadness, Hank gives the ant-man.

Two years later, he joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Resigned from. To protect them from copying your technique.


Understanding that he has fallen in love with Méridith, the ego gives his cancer to save his goal.

After his death, Aliens called the Riggers the abduction of Peter Quill from Earth. The ego hire monsters in the lead of Yondu, so that they can kidnap their children from the galaxy.

Yondu discovered that he is killing his children, and therefore keeps Peter to raise him as a razor.

~ Late 1980-1991:-

Young Natasha Romanoff was admitted to a merciless KGB killer program.

It is continuing after the disintegration of the USSR and it has become one of Russia’s top killers, named Black Widow.


Hydra Winter Soldier to Howard Stark and his wife S.H.I.E.L.D. The remaining super-serum deploys to kill for stealing.

Whereas deaths look like an accident. Howard’s son, Tony Stark, inherited Stark Industries.


Prince N’Jobu was head of Oakland, California, acting as a detective for Wakanda. The racial inequality that he encounters with.

He believes that Waqandah should discard his separatist attitude and repressive people around the world.

N’Jobu secretly works with weapon dealer Ulysses Cleu to steal Vibranium from the scandal, and in this process, many people including Prince T’Challa’s friends Wakabee’s parents were killed.

King T’Chaka comes to Oakland and competes with N’Jobu while kicking them in a dispute. N’Jobu’s younger son, T-uncle leaves behind Nazka, is known as Eric Stevens in the UK, rather than returning the boy to Wakanda.

The News Year of the Year 1999-2000: Tony Stark meets scientific Aldrich Chillian, who promotes his company, Advanced Idea Mechanics.

Stark later promised to meet Killian, but blew him to spend the night with Maya Hanson. Another scientist, Hansen,

To re-write the human tissue, it shows in the ways of rewriting genetic code, in which the biological material has a bad effect.

They sleep together, but the next morning, Tony leaves without saying goodbye.

~ Late 1990s:-

early 2000s: S.H.I.E.L.D. D. Agent Clint “hockey” Barton has been sent to kill Natasha Romanov.

But he is convinced to blame S.H.I.E.L.D. Instead.


As part of a government project, Dr. Bruce Banner uses gamma ray in an effort to recreate the super-formula of Abraham Erskine.

Using banner on himself but the process turns them into Hulk. General Thadius “Thunderbolt” follows Ross Banner, and goes on banner run. He has been on a large scale for the next six years.


Tony Stark, who turned Stark Industries into a major weapon maker, was captured by militants during a missile demonstration in Afghanistan.

During the attack, they take the chest, but a fellow captive scientist named Yensin creates an instrument that prevents Sherpell from destroying his heart.

Tony optimizes it into the power source for prototype Iron Man suit, which he uses to escape.

Now he should stay with the permanently recorded device in his chest, or he will die.

On his return, Stark discovered that his father’s business partner Obadiah Stan retained the hold of Stark. And the company is using the company to sell weapons to the terrorists.

Stark Iron Man affects the suit, beat Stan, and states that he is Iron Man during a press conference, which has become only another publicly known superhero.

Immediately after this, he was named S.H.I.E.L.D. Avengers were admitted in the initiative. Director Nick Fury.

May 29-June 4, 2011:-

Events of “Iron Man 2,” “Incredible Hulk” and “Thor” occur during one week.

First of all, Tony Stark is now a famous person for his exploitation as Iron Man, but in his chest the Arc Reactor, who keeps him alive.

It is also poisonous to him. Ivan Weinco attacked them, who believe that Howard Stark had ruined his father. Wenco is assisted by rival industrialist Justin Hammer.

Tony’s friend James Rhodes has to use one of Starck’s prototype suits to stop Stark’s fast negligence behavior.

And Rhodes seized the suit for the US Air Force, which became known as the War Machine. Together, Stark and Rhodes beat Venko and Hammer.

Meanwhile, in Asgard, Thor wars on Frost veterans in Zottenheim against Odin’s wishes. During the war, Loki learns that he is Frost Giant.

Odin banned the earth as a punishment for his opposition to the earth and strips her right to use the hammer Mjølnir.

In Asgaard Loki, he is upset about his origins and lies about the plots to overthrow Odin. On Earth, Thorben meets Jane Foster and Eric Selvig.

Unveils Loki’s plan, and Asgard returns to save the day.

During the fight, Asgard’s Bifrost Bridge, a Wormhole Asgardians used to travel across the entire nine area, has been destroyed and Loki considered dead.

Finally, Bruce Banner has been discovered hidden in Brazil. After avoiding occupation by secret forces, he makes his way in the north of the United States to treat his Hulk problem.

Instead, the Army reiterates its condition in military contractor Emil Blonsky, which changes through hatred and revolutions through New York City.

Forcing the banner to change in Hulk, but in this process, large sections of Harlem were destroyed. The banner goes back in hiding.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Keeps tab on banner but leaves it for that time. Meanwhile, it is aware that the earth is weak for external threats.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Selvig recruits to study Tesseract to develop weapons that can defend against invaders.

The unknown for all, Loki escaped, by any means made his way on the earth, and now secretly controls Selvig’s mind.

April 2012:-

Captain America has been discovered frozen, but still thanks for the super-cop serum.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Rogers revives, who finds out that he has slept for 66 years.

May 2012:-

Captain America
(Photo by © Walt Disney Pictures and © Marvel Studios)

Using a scepter that allows her to control the brain, Loki steals Tesseract and tries to win the earth with the help of an alien force.

In response, Nick Fury collected Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as The Avengers, soon joined by Thor.

After an uneasy start, the Avengers pull together and defeat Loki, although during the war most of New York City has been destroyed.

Asgard returns with Thor Loki, and takes Tessake with him. Bruce Tony is going to work for Stark, and Captain America has become the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With black widow and Hawkeye. S.H.I.E.L.D. Loki also takes control of the mind control scepter.

An unknown for Avengers, the scepter is powered by an Infinity Stone, Mind Stone. In addition, Loki was actually working for Mad Titan, Thanos.

Those who want to control all six Infinity Stones Thanos have been warned by their goons that the earth is much more dangerous than the first eclipse.

Shortly after the Battle of New York, Adrian Tumes and his crew are contracted by the city to save foreign wreckage and clean the battleground.

When they are damaged by joint ventures between the government and Stark Industries, they lose the contract. Tuumes switch to the life of crime.

Using rescued foreign technology their crew did not come under the control of damage to make illegal weapons and sell them on black market.

December 2012:-

Tony Stark, who is suffering from PTSD after almost dying of New York warfare, is once again encountering Killian.

Who later worked with Hanson to make a super soldier on the basis of his earlier work. Cillion has cried out against Tony for twelve years.

Using a terrorist named Smarscreen as “The Mandarine” (actually a drug-blended actor), plans to kill the US president, sell and destroy the super soldiers to the government.

Tony Stark. On Christmas Day Stark, with the help of Roads and Chilly Pots, CEO of Stark Industries and Tony’s girlfriend, beat Killian.

Soon after, he finds a way to remove Sharpell from his heart, and decides to retire as Iron Man.

November 2013:-

Jane Foster, the investigation of a scientific discrepancy, due to the latest convergence of the nine field, comes in contact with Aether, who uses it as a host.

This will kill him, so Thor brings the Asgard for more advanced medical care. The Dark Elves attack Assguard and Earth in an effort to regain the ethers.

Thor gave information about the help of Loki to stop the Elves. During the war, Loki makes his death (again). Thor brings back Asgard to Eder.

Meanwhile, Loki has hid himself as Odin and now rules on the Asgaard.

Soon after this, it has been decided that two Infinity Stones are very dangerous at one place, so Asgard gives Aether to the collector, who keeps on Knowhere to keep it safe.


Arnim Jolas and their hidden Hydra Sleeper Agent Finally S.H.I.E.L.D. Make your plans to pick up. And use your technique to eliminate anybody who is in danger.

With the help of Nick Fury, the Black widow, and his new friend Sam “Falcon” Wilson, Captain America exposes this plan.

He is forced to fight the winter soldier, whom he finds, his old friend, Bucky. With the help of Cap, Bucky withdraws some of his memories and runs as a lucky one.

That same year, Peter Quill – now known as Star-Lord – teams with Drax, Gammora, Groute and Rocket Raccoon, the Guardians of the Galaxy to prevent Cree Warrior Ronan the Accuser (working on behalf of Thanos) Made it.

Orb is called, in fact power infinity stone. Parents defeat Ronan, but Gamora’s sister Nebula (both were picked up, and Thanos is hated) escapes.

After initially selling it to the collector, they leave the orb in the care of the Nova Corps.

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