Make me web career and development career.

Make me web career and development career.

Make me web career and development career. Around half of my decks, schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, companies, small organizations, etc. are all sites. The internet is the person who is the owner of KC Firms, who has a home based company.


The web design is Zaheer from Betheath Scope, that is also the demand of web designer, and whether the web designer is a web designer for doing so or not yet to do so


To Guides A logo is a logo that was set up in my career by web designing, no matter what you are. Web designing is part of the handheld well.


What tools do you have?


Hi-Internet connectivity time and concentration on computers and laptops


What was wrong


The Basics of Internet Browser and English Browser’s Internet Browser


Did you learn?


Internet Time So far I have a lot of websites and I do not get web designing free and I have not paid any money from them. Hi Friends and Books, Dono Me Hi


If English is weak then there is no bat, today’s bent I have spoken in Hindi everything has become too coy.


And if there is a site on the go, then sell me Hindi language web designing book.


  Always was looking forward to earning a lot of money from me


# 1: First HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
There is no restriction on any website of HTML, web designing is the language that HTML before me is HTML, not only that, the course of web designing course has started.


The original poem of Wijing for web pageing of HTML is that I am also a part, is already good for HTML5.


Designing the HTML language website’s structure, whether anything has become a search / model of the website.


And without the rest, Karnataka’s work is in queue.


HTML is a language that I like Notepad from the window window, it’s a code / coding, I can save my browser to save the web page.


Click here to search HTML in the sabels website:- or in English: “HTML in English”, find a website for yourself.


# 2: In exchange for HTML, I learned CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
As is the design of HTML’s website’s structure, its use is CSS color, size, padding, margin, style etc.


Example: If HTML is a BH model of BH, then we have equal color and better looking things like CSS, and Yahoo also likes Notepad me.


Even the best website for CSS is w3schools hi.


YouTube and Google are also searching me to teach CSS whether every language, video and lesson is available to me.


Look at the dono carefully, on the basis of the dono, the Kai Patti website is designed.


And one thing is bad for them, the same is the animation.


This is a language that is javascript for photo sliding, animation, pop up and functions.


My blog has not learned CSS in lieu of HTML, my blog has shown me from blogspot platform in lieu of HTML and CSS.


Now if you go to the blogspot platform on some blogspot platform, then tell me about HTML and CSS that I can prepare any test on my website. And design your blogspot template.


The template for any website template based on HTML and CSS is no longer the blogspot me.


I like a large Notepad template of the blogspot template, I click on the template of the website and hi to using CSS and HTML. And the file of every page of HTML is not me, but I still do not know. Blogspot has been designed on the basis of XML.
An ATI Tricks to Design a Template


Something is wrong if you are new, then pay me a new template design. Explain the softness code of the initiative, and one of your code has been changed that you are doing.


I did not like anything because I change my work and change any template.


Note: This technique is blogspot and website, which is not yet of any kind


First of all, I can change my code to open the website / blog.


However, font, division, section etc. I change the right option, click on the OK option, and even select the option.


Then you element will be open. If it’s the right side I open up I have footer.


I can also edit the code in you either.


This is for a practical learning, I can change my code from you, I can apply myself using the real file.


Note: Check me for any change, the actual file is not a change in me or website, I can not change it.


If it changes from here, then I can also change the blogspot or website templates in search of people who use it.


By doing this you are able to practice and designing skills of your website will also be battered.


Based on HTML and CSS, the website and blogspot template are designed to give me information about my liability.


What is liable?


This means that your website is to open a computer / laptop in the browser, is it even open from mobile?


Even if the AP / website template of the blog is open to the PC and Mobile also the knowledge of an open responsibility I open that too.


To learn the best hoggetstrap for this.


# 3: For HTML and CSS I have a template design for website and blogspot and I have been badly designed for bootstrap


To save the time of bootstrap, IMEM coding is to be done and is to design a very good website.


Jyotir log uses Bootstrap, it is crate that ISM is responsive web page design.


This is not a software that does not have code and creates a website for its app.


This is a technique that is used by Saturn to use the Jaska Cancer website.


Bootstrap also teaches in 3 schools with everyone.


# 4: Ab Php and JavaScript Sikhe


Still to teach Javascript and PHP, you have the dono hi script language.


Contact form PHP, data creation, management, account, login, logout, everything is head.


For example, there is also a form on a website, so we read it from HTML and look like a design from our CSS and to use any user, we can get form data to fill our form. Are there. PHP me hot


You also read in my school by school.


# 5: Since learning PHP and Javascript, HTML and CSS, website and blogspot template designing: WordPress


WordPress is all in me language. PHP is very much about GISAM, if you prepare a template for a blog template then prepare it to design a WordPress template.


But there is also chat on the basis of wordpress sql.


SQL (Structure Query Language) analyzes a data about the language of Kern, but this is not important for you, but you can design it on WordPress WordPress theme only.


To develop SQL advance level, I have to teach.


If you have been educated to complete WordPress, I do not like anything. Theme design etc.


But WordPress is not a very good page on me template / theme blogspot. Each title has header, footer, sidebar, index etc. Now pages are designing the Notepad file.


Christian bad also does not end the line for web designing and development, e-commerce, social site etc. You also have high bandi based on PHP, JS, HTML and CSS, SKK.


There is also a lesson of lessons and also the language Haijas Python, ASP etc.


IKK has also written to me the online application and software for programming languages ​​like C ++, Java, etc. In the editor of programming language, like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP etc. So far, the notepad editor is very much.




The editor of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP is notepad, it’s like the window in my hand, so I start searching I can find it.


But the editor of yahoo is not fully developed. Ishmael Kai problem is a lot of consciousness.


Isca Solution is Notepad ++ coding language software which you can download me for free. You are my favorite software.




When an ecommerce site is divided, jamaze Amazon, Flipkart etc. You are a web bunch of web design and developing language.


Tab WordPress can not be used too WordPress jois is open framework design. Is it necessary to wear very deep and advanced knowledge and experimentation at the level.


Filhal You take careers from zero to Friday and take it.


Itini Bad article I definitely want to make any questions, so I can still make it clear to digest it or even have a reaction about it.

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