How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.

How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.

How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.

    • How to Rank a Post.


    • What is SEO Optimisation.


How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts, Why Is SEO Friendly Blog Post Different? Why SEO Optimisation Is Important.

Creates and publishes new Blogger articles. But when searching for a keyword, our article is found on the last page.


The main reason behind this is SEO – search engine optimization .


Your blog post is not SEO friendly, due to which your site is getting show on the 4th or 5th page.


To solve the same problem, I am going to tell you such methods if you have followed them well then you will be able to write a very nice SEO Friendly article.


Earlier I  had [case study] about 9 On Page SEO Tips , which the majority of people liked too much.Once you read an article with SEO tips, that article will be of great help to you.


If you do not have any website yet and if you want to create your new website wordpress  , then you should read the article on how to create a website on WordPress, and if you  want to create a free website / blog then you can create a free website on Google by clicking on it in your free blog You can create.


How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post in Hindi


Search and Analyze KeywordUse Yoast SEO PluginCreate Beautiful Title with Focus KeywordShow URL for this keywordUse Heading 2 with KeywordBuild High Quality Content (minimum 1000 word).Use LSI Keyword on your blog post.Use Image with ALT TagsCreate beautiful Title Tag and Description with Keyword.


Here are some steps you can follow to create SEO Friendly blog post and get your post in the first page in the search engine.


Now come and know this closely and closely.


# 1. Keyword Research


So, what is our first step is that of KW Research, what does the new blogger do whenever he writes articles on a topic, then do not research the keywords, just make any keyword from his mind and start working on it. Is there.


How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.


Keyword Research


He also does not see whether the traffic on the subject on which you are posting is also traffic and if there is traffic, then how much is the competition.


Friends, whenever you start working on a keyword, you first analyze that keyword how much traffic is on that keyword and how much competition is.


The lower the competition, the faster your site will appear on the first page of the search engine.


There are so many tools for keyword research, but the best and free tool is Google’s keyword planner tool . From here you can research the keyword for your article.


# 2 Use Yoast SEO Plugin


Whenever you start writing an article, first of all you have installed the SEO ki plugin in your blog because plugin is like a food .


How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.


Yoast SEO Plugin


For example, if you have not eaten food for 2 days, how will your body be? You are absolutely freezing, tired, and as you eat, your body will be energized and you will be able to do any work well.


In the same way, plugin works as a food for your site.


Well there is a lot of SEO plugins that you can install. like: –


WordPress SEO by YoastAll in one SEO PackUltimate SEOEasy WP SEO


All this plugin is good. You can install any of these plugins, but the one in which your site is used on is Yoast SEO.


And I will also tell you that you also use Yoast. It has many wonderful features. Click on this link to download plugin for free.


# 3 SEO Friendly Blog Title


To write SEO Friendly Blog post, you will have to create a good title.


Because whenever a visitor comes to your site, it will be your title first, after that your article.


And if he finds your title boring then he will not click on your title and he will go away from there.


So whenever you start writing the article, make a good title and put your focus-keyword in it.


# 4 Blog URL


Your post URL also helps to impress your article’s ranking.


To make SEO friendly blog url, you are going to tell you some tips that will make your URL good.


Whenever you search for a domain name for your site, then search the short and easy-to-remember domain name.Create a brand of your own. like Webflim, Gaurav Kumar Do not add extra word to just use keywords as you can in your URLs.


What does extra word mean?


My focus keyword for the example is SEO Friendly blog post checklist. Then add the same keyword to your url.


Bad Link: – make site ranks/ (Only Keyword)
Good Link:-


Better Link:-


# 5 Use “Heading 2” with Keyword




Whenever you write your content, you must use Heading 2 and insert your keyword in it and when you use the heading 2, do not just enter the keyword but add some more word along with it.


For my example, my focus keyword is ” seo friendly blog ” and make this keyword heading 2 and add some more word like this: ” How to write SEO Friendly blog post (step by step) “.


What happened in my keyword also came in and was also good at reading the headings.


# 6 SEO Blog post content


So friends are now the most important factor, above which we have written this article about how to add seo friendly post kaise likhe.


So friends, if you want your post to be good and search engine friendly, then you will know the tips that you are going to tell but you still have to forget them.


But no matter if it happens only by human beings then friends start and get their post on the first page.


How to Write Article(full guide)


Friends, in every post of seo I write that content is king and your article is enough to get the site ranked. So what you need to keep in mind is this:


Your writing skills should be very good so that the visitor enjoys reading your post.Providing useful information in your post (do not bother a visitor)If you can write your article at least 1000 words, then reach 1500 or write 1000 words (this article is also 1500+ words)If your post is up to 1000 words then upload 3-4 images and do not forget to put Alt tags in the “alt tag” enter your keyword.Bold and Italic to the important word in your post.Whenever you write a post, show your post in a small paragraph.Do not forget to use LSI Keyword in your article. Do not forget to put stuff on your keyword stuffing so that just show keywords in your article.


# 7 How to use LSI Keyword in Hindi


Why use the LSI keyword? Suppose you wrote an article of 1000 words and that your focus keyword is seo friendly blog post


So what do you do with your focus keyword, first of all, let’s use it within 100 days of starting.


After that, use the heading 2 for your focus keyword (and if possible, take heading 2 in 300 words.


Now use your focus keyword in the middle and 1 last.


Not only that, you have to add more keywords related to your keyword as well as add a seo friendly blog post from the keyword that was my keyword, then search the related keyword and add it to the whole article.


You can search by using the help of these tools.


Google searchLSIGraphKeywordTool.ioKeyword Planner


# 8 Use Internal Links


Internal linking is a  Best SEO Practice  . This is very useful for your website and for your visitor, Google also supports it.


How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.


Internal Link


From internal linking you will have 2 advantages.


Your site’s  Bounce Rate will be lower.Pageviews will increase on your site  .


In it, you have to link  one article from your own site to one article, so that the visitor can click on that link to reach any other article  on your site and read the article.


This SEO technique will inspire your pageviews and your site’s bounce rate will also decrease.


Whenever you link to any other article from your site, link it to  Anchor Text  so that Google can understand the link well and add it to your Google search result accordingly.


If you want to see the best example of Internal Linking, you can visit Wikipedia and see it.


# 9 Title Tag & Description


When you have completed all the steps, then what we left out of the last step is the title tag and the description.


This will be a title tag that will appear in the search result of Google, Yahoo, MSM.


So make as good a title tag as you can with keyword


In the Title tag, you can only use up to 65 words, more than that, your word will not appear in the search result and you can use only up to 165 words in the description.


Add your focus keyword to title or description 1 time.


# 10 Use Multimedia


Just like Google traffic comes to traffic on our site, in the same way we can get great traffic from the google images search box.


There are many people who are boring when reading the article and they go away from your page.


So what should we do with the visitor staying on your blog?


If you want to stop the visitor for maximum time on your blog then you should use multimedia  on your blog .


Multimedia means the  more images you use on your site, the visitor will also enjoy reading your article and will spend more time on your site.




This step is easy enough. If you can do them well then nobody will stop your page from coming in first position.


Just follow the step given to you.


If you have any questions related to seo friendly blog post, you can ask us your question by commenting and we will like to answer your question.


And if you think this article is all that information you wanted to know, then share it with your friends on social media .


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