How to Get High Quality Backlink in 2018

Hello friends today I will tell you what is backlinks, make Backlink? And how important is backlink for any website or blog?

What is Backlink? How to Create Backlink?

Many bloggers who have recently created a new blog or website, they have some difficulty understanding what the word “backlink” means. With the answers to all these questions.

I will explain Gaurav Kumar today his simple words in blogs that the backlinks and backlink are the work. So let’s first know what is backlink? What is Backlinks?

What is backlink?


“Backlink” is one of the most commonly used words in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is the backlink? This Article Seo Tutorial in Full Guide for beginners

When a link to a webpage or website is linked to another website, it is called Backlink.

Generally speaking, when I put my website link on another website it will be called the backlink of my website.

Backlinks play a very decisive role to rank any website in the search engine.

What is Backlink?

Let me give you a fun example to explain backlinks. You must have heard many times when two people who have a quarrel then one person speaks.

I do not know my reach is up to the top. #BACKLINK

This access is called backlink and the word above it means its authority.

That is, linking one website to another website is called backlink. So friends, you have come to understand that backlink.

Now I will tell you how many types of backlinks are and how important are to any website.

Types of Backlink :

Backlinks are mainly of two types.

1. Dofollow Backlink.
2. Nofollow Backlink.

Both types of backlinks have their own characteristics Let’s know what is Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks and what is their job.

1 # Dofollow Backlinks:

Google introduced the concept of Dofollow backlink in 2005 to reduce spam link index in search engine and to improve search engine results.

The Dofollow backlink is also called Juicy links. Dofollow links are helpful in increasing the SERP of any website that is, Search Engine Ranking Position.

To understand Dofollow backlinks, see the example below, then I will explain to you in another way what is Dofollow backlink.

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”> Webflim </a>
<a href=”“> Webflim </a>
<a href = “” rel = “external”> Webflim </a>

Now come on another method: Friends like I put my link to another website, after that when Google or another robot search engine crawls links to that website, then tag,

#Dofollow allows to index robots is. I.e. the link that I have inserted on another website, will link the search engine to that link. This is called dofollow backlink only.

Benefits Of Dofollow Backlink:

Improve Page rank, Improve the authority of the blog or website, and increases the ranking of content to the search engine.

2 # Nofollow Backlinks:

Knowing what happens to friends dofollow backlinks, you may have come to understand that what happened to the nofollow backlinks.

If not, then let’s know about the Nofollow backlinks.

Nofollow links are not juicy links, and indexes in this type of backlink google or search engine are not.

When a robot of google or search engine visits a website, the tag of nofollow prevents robot from indexing that link which is nofollow backlinks.

But this does not mean that nofollow backlinks are of no use.
Nofollow backlinks also help to increase the rank of the website, but it does not give much benefits compared to dofollow backlinks.

But whenever you make backlinks, you should also make nofollow links of dofollow.

Because there is a lot of such authority website where making nofollow links gives you a lot of traffic which is very important for your website.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> Webflim </a>
<a rel=”nofollow” href=”“> Webflim </ a >

Benefits Of Nofollow Backlink:

With traffic dofollow nofollow backlinks equip the website, it protects you from updates that penalize you to make backlinks.

DA, PA & Other Metrics are helpful in improving.

Difference between Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks:

Even after understanding both types of backlinks, if there is any limb in your mind then I will explain it with a social example.

Dofollow backlinks are exactly the kind of relationship that “my uncle is a legislator”. Now your power is not needed to understand.

Certainly some of you have to burn something. Nofollow backlinks are “my distant relative legislator”

This line explains that there will not be much water, but if necessary, some work will be done.

So friends, you have come to understand a lot about how backlinks is and how important it is to any website.

Now I’m going to tell you about some such term associated with backlinks without which the backlink information will remain incomplete. And the factor is

1) Link Juice: When a link to a web page or website is linked to any page or post on your blog or website, then the link flow passes through it to your website and it is called Link juice.

Link juice: helps to rank any article or website, as well as increase your website’s Domain Authority.

2) High Quality Links: High quality backlinks are called quality backlinks. The link taken from a high DA, PA website is called High-Quality Links.

These types of links are helpful in boosting the rank of your website. If you get nofollow backlink from such a website, they are also very effective in increasing your website rank.

3) Low-quality links: low-quality links are links that are generated from spam sites, automated or porn websites. Such links are very dangerous to your website.

4) Internal Links: Internal Links There are links that link to any page or article on your website from any page or article on your website, which is called Internal Links.

Jagdor blogger writes such a post in which it can provide more internal links. It has many advantages The first advantage is that the user reads many posts on your website.

The second advantage is that it gives you a backlink, and the third advantage is that your website Bounce Rate decreases which your website’s ranking It is helpful to grow.

It is an advantage and it is that you can give a good backlinks to any of your posts by using the keyword of your mind.

5) Anchor Text: The text used to use hyperlinks is called anchor text. Backlinks are made using your keyword in anchor text.

This is the most popular way to create backlinks and works most. Whenever you make backlink from anything, you must use anchor text.

How to Create a Backlink?


Friends, till now you have fully understand what is backlink? Now I will tell you how to make backlinks.

Friends I have told in many of my posts Learn and Earn If you want to make your career on the internet, then you need a lot of patience and this is a line in which you can earn money by learning and learning.

So whenever you make a backlink, it takes one week to one month to index it in the search engine. So be patient, your website rank will gradually increase. So let’s know how to make a backlink.

How do I create Backlink?

Backlinks play an important role in the first page par lane of Apne blog / website if the follow up of all the metrics of Google while creating backlinks results in surprising results.

So let’s know how to make backlinks.

Comments Backlinks: These types of links are made by commenting on a post on another website. Usually this type of backlinks falls into the nofollow backlinks category.

But no one is benefiting your website in any way, so it is also very important to make comment backlinks.

Guest Post Backlinks: Writing a post for another website, linking your website or article into text anchor, links generated are called guest post backlinks.

Backlinks created by posting guests mostly dofollow backlinks. This type of backlinks site is able to bring the rank of search engine up very fast.

Profile backlink: This is a website where you get the profile backlink, these dofollow se nofollow. Such backlinks are also very useful and are helpful in increasing SERP.

Internal backlinks: Friends, whenever you write an article, you must give a link to your other post’s web page. I have already told you that such links also play a very good role to increase the value of your site.

How Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks Detect:

When you have given so much information it is very important to let you know how to locate Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks.

Friends #backlink is dofollow or nofollow is very easy to find. There are many ways of this but I will tell you about two easy ways.

What is backlink:

#First way: Friends are the first way you can install an extension in your internet browser, which is named NoFollow extension.

You just need to open your browser menu and then go to add on and install the NoFollow extension and you will have to install this large.

You will know with ease where you will get backlinks from where you are making the backlinks.

#Second way: If you do not want to install the extension, then it works in the firefox browser.

Select any link you want to select, then right click after selecting it and then clicking on the view selection source. Look in the image below.


You will then find the source code of the linked link, so you can easily find out if the link is dofollow or no follow.

So friends hope you have backlinks today’s information, how to create backlink?, dofollow backlink and nofollow backlinks, along with the full knowledge of backlink.

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