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So I got a little more fun to share with you today. Some time ago I heard about the idea of ​​”Micro Niche Site“, and a few months ago I finally decided to make one. Not for any particular reason – Out of late delays in anything But it proved to be a beautiful fun project.

As you know, I always take an interest in new ways to make life on the road, blogging, freelancing, travel jobs, and many other random ways to make money, to try it like another interesting thing to try having had.

One of you is ready for a new pet project, below is my complete guide to creating a micro niche sites which earns money from scratch. I am going to share the whole process with you, in which the site itself is included, how I made it, and how much money has been made.

It was not too successful to be honest, but I’m sure many of you will be able to make yourself a cooler site. This guide will give you all the information you need to do!

What is a Micro Niche Site?

A niche site is just a fancy name for the website about a specific topic.

For example, you can create a website about school snacks for kids. You can post recipes or snack ideas or research on which the most sugar is in snacks – whatever you want.

A micro niche site is another compressed version of that below. For example, you can create a site about school snacks for the child with allergies (or vegetarians or diabetes). Not the biggest example but I hope you get whatever you are saying.

The overall idea of ​​the site is to give people information about a very specific subject. Since your site is very specific, it makes it easy for people to find you.

How To Create A Micro Niche Site

As you know, I want to keep things simple here, so I broke it in 4 simple steps. To create a micro niche website you must:

  1. Get a website up and running (duh).
  2. Choose a good niche.
  3. Write a bunch of helpful articles (keyword: helpful).
  4. Get traffic on site.

The best thing about this is how low it is at risk. You can do it from your bedroom, you do not need to do the course or read anything (because you will write about whatever you already know) and you should spend around $ 100 to get it started. To start a mini-business, can you make passive income from somewhere? It’s very fun.

My Micro Niche site took 30 hours (I was not really counting) to move to the current stage. I did not take any course or read any book on how to build a micro niche website, I just read and tried some blog posts.

Now it takes me only to keep me in a month and has already made a small money – I will not be able to retire anything, but he has returned my investment in the first two months and now I am just one Make $ 30- $ 50 per month cool on auto pilot.

I want to scale it then I can do it, and if I want to run it, then I can do it. So this is very good. Anyway, we will later be included in all those details.

Let’s cross the step-by-step process:

1. Obtain a Website and Running

If you do not have a website in the past, then this step may look complicated. It really is very easy (should not take more than an hour). Your micro niche sites needs up to 3 things to run up and running:

  • Selecting a Web Host
  • Installing WordPress
  • Setting up a topic

All super simple steps – I’ll walk you through them.

Setting Up Your Web Hosting Account

Getting Hosting is to rent a piece of land on the Internet where your website will sit. Without hosting the space, you can not own a site.

Fortunately, web hosting is very cheap these days and even ten year olds can take their blogs.

While thousands of web hosts are for choosing, they are not all good. And if you are going to start a website then believe me, you want a good host. I can not stress so much A poor host where your site always crashes and slows down and the support team never replies to your email – it’s hell and you can not even have a website.

I’ve been a site owner for almost 5 years now, I’ve been with many hosts, and only one host I recommend: Sightground Why here?

  • His best support in the industry, period! You can get someone to chat within 10 minutes, and they are super geeky and really know what they are doing. Compared to large hosts, where I have waited more than an hour and found some ding dong who did not know anything.
  • If your site goes down, they take you away quick smart online. I am talking within minutes, not next day. I left my site for 72 hours before doing whatever the host has! It’s cheap.
  • Most large hosts sign up for a 3-year commitment to get you the best rate, so you can pay hundreds more. SiteGround requires only one year subscription, which means that you can start for around $ 60. You will be moving forward towards $ 150 + on many popular hosts.

Of course, feel free to choose the host you like, but then Sightground is the only host that I would recommend to you here. They spend the same amount of other “cheap” hosts but the service is very good and completely free of charge when they become a site owner. All my sites are hosted with them

If you want to get your micro-auction site rolling, you can set your account on your startup page in just a few minutes. You will be ready to start the building in less than an hour. If you are new to this and require a guide to setting up your web hosting, then I have put down together. Just click on the orange link below to get started.

Installing WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website software in the world. If you want a fast, secure, well-designed website, then use WordPress. Everyone does. Best of all, it’s 100% free. Another great thing about WordPress is that it is very easy to use. No stupid stuff, no strange programming or coding. Just install and go.

If you are hosting with SoftGround Installing WordPress then 2 clicks is as simple. I’ve got a small guide that shows you how to do it below.

Setting up a topic

Now, your WordPress theme. A theme is like a pre-made design for your website. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to web designers to create a beautiful website for you, you can install a WordPress theme with a single click and your site looks great. It’s perfect for dummy like you and me 🙂

If this is your first website, then I recommend that you do not buy the theme immediately. You are probably going to spend days shopping through different topics, and this will only be a distortion from the more important tasks. 

During this time you can use millions of free topics. Basically, you can use only the default theme which WordPress gives you – which will be enough for now. Once you write some articles and you have a better idea about the site, how you want to see the site, you can see the theme invested.

Changing a topic is as simple as a click, so there is no need to worry about it. Focus on building your site’s content and traffic.

Of course if you want to buy a theme directly, then it is also fine. Whenever you choose to buy, I highly recommend using the Origination Theme from StudioPress.

They are perfect for micro-niche sites (fast, secure, well-designed for search engines). I would suggest using either Fudi Pro or Pretty Chic. I have sites on both of those topics and they are very easy to use and customize.

The subtle niche site that I’m going to present to you is beautifully made on the chic.

2. Selecting a Micro Niche

Now that you are fully established, we can work to build a site. First of all, get your Micro niche. What’s going to happen about your site? Here are two things to think about:

  1. Is this a topic about which you are knowledgeable?
  2. Is this a topic other people are searching online?

To help you with this, I will tell you about your micro-niche. Here’s a little thing:

Some time ago there was a big bang on my foot. I grew up with bad eczema, so I thought it was just a flurry – the stress of blogger life was probably not a big deal. But then it was really red, so I went to the doctor. He saw my skin and told me bad news: scratches.

If you do not know which scratches it is, it is a parasite of the skin which grows under the top layer of the skin. It is not a killer parasite like malaria or giardia, but they are disturbed by the sacred nonsense.

I do not know where I found this – maybe Jiyu Jitsu, but anyway. The doctor gives me some scratch cream and asks me to trouble it, it will last all night. I like it, no big deal. However, the cream does not work for the first time, and I’m like a hypochondriac. So I get a little bit out

I am reading everything about the scratches on the web in the next two weeks – history, all different treatments, all horror stories, some say that they have 5 years and want to kill themselves.

Now I’m nonsense, I’m going to die from scratch. Then after a few days I decide to be a full-fledged leader. I read all the studies, take notes, read all these strange plants and oils, try all the remedies, bother different sensations on my body. A week later I got cured.

A few days later I am writing an email to my doctor about all the research done by me, and I think that this information should really be public. Especially since many of my Google searches were not really useful, so they came back with the “Waya I am dying” and other stupid people crying.

Since not everyone has the time to read through the pages of scratch study, as I thought I could summarize it and give people the right answer for the treatment of the scratches. Certainly such a site can be really valuable for the people!

So this is the long story that how I became a chair expert on scratch and decided on my subtle place: Not the most shining subject, but certainly one is important.

Now this is probably not a big example of choosing a subtle niche, because it seems that you need to go through some strange experiences, which is not the case.

Actually had about 7 or 8 subtle ideas, but I only chose the scratches because it was (A) at that time in my mind, and (b) felt easiest to write this topic. Apart from this there were probably not many other sites to compete, because what the hell wants to write about the scratches …

The truth is that you can get a good micro niche from any topic (yes, any). Sports, parenting, fishing, avocados, BB guns Seriously, anything. Think and think about any such experience, that is why you can start researching / buying new things, or a special problem that you have recently needed information and started gaming.

Even if you really have trouble finding information, even better! Since a good site is not yet available, you can create it. Here are some ideas to help you choose the micro niche:

  • Have you recently purchased online?
  • What is something recently bought in the store?
  • Have you recently asked a question for advice from a friend?
  • What do you cook / do often? (Niche recipe sites are excellent).
  • What has you written in Google recently?
  • What is an object for which you spent a lot of time / shopping?
  • What did you need for something recently to bother you?
  • Have you made your life easier, what you bought?
  • What are your friends really or spend a lot of money?

Remember, the micro niches are about information. People are searching for information – you need to give them!

If you have recently bought a juicer, you can create a juice recipes site, even micro juices can move it in special juice. If your children are playing with new toys or games, then you can create a site around toys for “empty-handed”.

In fact there are endless possibilities. Take thirty minutes to reduce some thoughts of those things that you have experienced / are interested / interested in. Write everything – there is no wrong answer. In the next step, we will help in deciding which winner is.

Validate your micro niche. Is this a site that people want to read?

Now you have thought of a niche, we need to see if people are really interested in it or not. Are the sites looking for enough space to make meaningful? Fortunately, Google has a free tool where you can type in a topic and see how many people are searching for it. Frikkin right.

Now the following process may seem a little heavy. If this confuses you, do not worry. Once you start it, it makes sense.

So in my example, we want to know how many people are searching for stuff about the scratches on the net. If only 500 people are searching for information about scabies each month, then there is probably no great idea because nobody is interested in it. However, if there are many thousands or millions of searches per month, then we may be in luck.

Here Google shows:

100k-1 million searches per month This is good. It also makes sense – it is one of the oldest known diseases in humans. But it’s unlikely that I’m going to be highly ranked in Google Search results as a “search.” You will compete with the world’s Wikipedia and WebMD.

Rather, it would be more sensible to focus on long-tailed keywords, or specific keywords. An example might be “How to treat scratch with tea tree oil” or “How to kill scratch with natural remedies”.

When people search Google for those specific terms, then it’s less likely that many sites have targeted phrases that give your micro-auction site a better chance of ranking in Google.

We are looking for phrases that have:

  • Low competition
  • Good search volume

Fortunately Google Keyword Planner will offer several keyword phrases for you. Here are some tips for scratches:

How To Build A Micro Niche Site

Now for a subtle niche site you do not need a shirt tone of search traffic, but you still want as much as possible.

1,000 searches will be minimal in a month. This means that Google people are going to Google search that search term, which means 1,000 potential visitors to your site. If you can target 10+ keyword phrases, then this is a decent amount of potential traffic.

Then look at the competition. If competition is high, it means that many sites are targeting that keyword. You will have a hard time ranking in Google search results. If the competition is low, then you have a better chance of landing and meeting on the first page.

To do this research I actually use a software called Keysearch. Although things are made easier, remember that you can do all your research with free online tools like Google’s Keyword Planner. Software like Keysearch saves you a lot of time (you can get a free trial here).

The reason for using Keysearch is that it provides more information than Google. For example, it actually shows you on the first page for those search sites, so you can see who you are competing with, how old these sites are, and give you more detailed search numbers. Take a look: it comes when you analyze the search term “How to treat scabies”:

How To Build A Micro Niche Site

Now I will not explain all those columns for you, but originally Lal means very competitive (poor) and green means not all competitive (green). Obviously, we want to compete for less competing words, so we want very green in that table.

The search term above has a lot of red color, so this is not a keyword phrase that I have decided to target. You can also see that I am competing with sites like Healthline and Mayo Clinics which are super-established – it will be difficult.

After spending about 4-5 hours on this, I found some very low competition / high search volume keywords, which are the phrases that I have targeted in my articles.

A quick note about keyword research: this is not everything!

Some say that good keyword research is everything in specific sites and if you do not get many good keywords then you should cancel and choose a different topic. I disagree. I think the most important thing is that you really enjoy learning about writing and your niche.

The job of creating a subtle space for me is not a job – it’s a job you do on one side – a fun small challenge like building a model plane. If you make some money, then great, but if not, then it should still be enjoyable.

Second, the more important reason is that search statistics change at all times. It may be that what you are writing is not popular today but it can be in 12 months from now. So long as you are writing about a subject that you like and find interesting, then go ahead and create a site.

In some years maybe every 18 years old will search for your niche, and guess which site will pop-up for the first time on Google? Definitely your cool micro-niche site!

The truth is that, if you are interested in this place, then it should also be bound to other people in the world interested in it. Like I said, it should be enjoyable. Of course do some research, but also make sure that you choose a subject which you like and enjoy with it.

3. Write quality articles for your niche niche site

You will need to type two types of articles for your Micro Niche site:

  1. Two or three epic, intensive, expert articles (1,500 words plus) on your subject.
  2. Collection of small articles to publish regularly (500+ words).

For example, one of my cornerstones is a huge 3,000 word guide on scratch treatment. Super well researched, many cited studies, super high quality. I have those three types of articles.

All other articles are minor, less important articles. “How to stop scratched scratching in the night”. stuff like that. Why do you need to publish these short articles?

  1. Your site is constantly being updated to show to Google (Google loves it).
  2. Targeting less popular keywords and bringing more people to your site.

Now you will need a lot of article ideas to keep the publishing content. I would advise you to come with at least 25

25 why?

Because this gives you enough content to publish an article for six months each week.

Ideally you want to post it more often, but if you can manage once a week, then it’s okay. You can now write all 25 articles and schedule them for next 25 weeks. It would be a good time to gauge whether your site is going to be profitable or not.

After six months you can decide that you are going to continue and work on the next 25. Now you can think 25 articles are very much, but this is not really. If we take my site for example, I get all the general articles like:

“What are the symptoms of scratches”

“How to treat scratches”
“Best Natural Remedies for Scratches”

Jadda Jidda was a clear subject and I came with 10 of them. But remember, all articles do not need to be 1000 words long and super wide. I went back to my search history and when I was dealing with scratch then I saw all the things I had searched for.

I had typed things like:

“Can you get scratches from the gym?”

“Can you get scratches from Jiu Jitsu?”

Ding. They are two more article ideas that I can add to the list. This gave rise to all kinds of other possibilities:

“Can you get scratches from the spa pool?”

“Can you get scratches from the massage?”

Just think about the things people would type in Google. They are the exact articles you want to write!

Another hack is to find another site about your niche, and steal some article ideas (clearly do not copy the original article, rewrite it in your own words and try to improve it).

Remember that your 2 or 3 Konestone articles will be responsible for 90% of your traffic. The main purpose of other articles is to build credibility with Google and to activate your site.

This means that you can actually post anything – answers to specific questions, some random ideas on your niche, etc. Even if the post is only 500 words, it is also fine. There is no need to spend a lot of time on them!

For scheduling, I will suggest publishing your “epic” content immediately, and then publish an article per week. If you are not a fast writer then it can be time-intensive, however, the initial cornerstone content should only take a long time to write.

The first few articles I wrote took more than an hour each hour, but now I have done all the detailed detailed guides, the small articles I write take only 15 minutes. It’s 15 minutes a week, or one hour in a month! So it certainly becomes very easy, just grind it in the beginning.

Remember to target your keywords!

To meet Google, you must target keywords in your articles. This means that enter the important phrase in your articles so that Google knows what you are writing about.

For example, if someone searches for “Best Vegetarian Snacks for Kids,” Google runs and scans the web for relevant articles. Obviously, if your article contains the phrase “Best Vegetarian Snacks for Kids” many times, Google will pick it up as relevant and will return it to the searcher.

So you want to make sure that you’re targeting all low-competing keyword phrases that we had opened in the previous step (this is why we researched them, duh).

From a practical perspective, this means that the keyword phrase is included within the body of your article 3 or 4 times, preferably close to the beginning. You can also try and keep the phrase in the article’s URL, and also the title of the article.

SEO (search engine optimization) is much more complex than that, but it should set you right on the right path. If you are new to it, then I do not really recommend geeking on SEO – it’s heavy and will enjoy everything.

What I told you above is enough to begin. Focus on acquiring your site and targeting keywords in your articles. We can later worry about super-geeky stuff.

4. Getting traffic to your site

It is the hardest and least pleasant part of the process.


Since there is so much of advice that there are scams, hidden tricks, “Spam your website on the internet” type stuff.

This is the reason why I have not actually produced so much traffic, but of course this is an essential part of building your site.

Now the source of traffic we trust, is Google, but it does not happen immediately. Since your site is new, Google does not know whether it’s good or not. It usually takes around 6 months or more to get traction in Google.

Okay, in the steps given above, we have established ourselves for the success of Google for a long time. But we also want to get results from day 1, remember? Here are some traffic sources that will help us do this:

Facebook – If your site is one of your hobbies, and some people often ask you, you can share your content on your Facebook page. Clearly the treatment of scratch is not my hobby and there is nothing that I think everybody wants to hear, so I did not bother.

Pinterest – This is actually a very good tool to promote your site. I would recommend starting a new Pinterest account for your site, create some professional looking pins in Canvas and then start sharing them. You can also share it on your personal Pinterest. Pinterest has been my main traffic driver till now.

YouTube – You can easily rank videos in YouTube. If you do a specific headline such as “How to treat scratch with tree oil” you might rank first on the first page within a day. However the people who will make the challenge is actually making a good video.

I have just uploaded a Crappie PowerPoint presentation and it has been ranked almost immediately, but never run any traffic. At this stage, I do not think I am investing at any time to make the appropriate video, but if it was more than just a side experiment, I certainly believe it.

Quora – Many people ask questions at Quora all the time, such as “I’ve dropped my iPhone in jelly, will it still work?” If you search for queries related to your micro-niche, then you can post a reply and link back. This is an unexpected resource on your site that you should definitely see.

Reddit – There is probably a subreddit related to your niche. Post your articles there, you can be surprised.

Forum – Always a great place to promote your site. If someone has questions related to your niche, answer them and then direct them to a relevant article on your site. Great way to create backlinks

Tap – Super easy to use – just submit your pages and see how they do it. I will select 1 or 2 sources to start and focus on them. If you see any success, and if you do not, then try something else.

Which is most effective really depends on your promotional style and niche, so just keep trying. Just for reference, since my stay here in 2.5 months my site looks like traffic:

How To Build A Micro Niche Site


And here my referrals look like this:

How To Build A Micro Niche Site


As you can see Pinterest is the obvious leader. I’m already getting some traffic from the search engine, which is good and hopefully the site will grow because hopefully the site will grow. Honestly two months are still early days, so if you are struggling with traffic after a long time, do not quit. Traffic generation takes time.

Update 2018:

Site is growing! I’m not really doing much, because there is not much left to write for me. If I can write a new post every month, otherwise I just keep pinning on Pinterest and it’s about it. Here’s how traffic growth looks like:

How To Build A Micro Niche Site

And here’s how traffic sources have changed:

How To Build A Micro Niche Site

As you can see, Google has taken up the website and has provided more traffic in the last few months. Search is now the largest traffic driver, with a close second with Pinterest.

I think the reason traffic is being grown because Google is smart and my post is really deep. Goes to show that SEO is not everything – if your content is top quality, Google will finally get you.

How to earn money from your astral place?

Now you guys are going to your site, we have to change this traffic to dollars. I am going to recommend two ways to make money from micro-niche sites. One is advertising, second affiliate marketing.

Monetizing your micro niche site with advertising

Ads are easily made through Google Adsense.

Just sign up for one account, enter your site details and if your site is not a spam factory you should be approved. You can then begin copy-pasting ads around your site. When a reader clicks on one of those ads, you will usually earn between 10 and 50 cents. easy.

The negativity with advertising is that you need lots of traffic before seeing a result. Once your site and traffic are mature, advertising is a long-term strategy. If this is your first Micro Niche site, then I highly recommend using excessive marketing.

Monetizing your micro-niche site with affiliate marketing

If you want to make money from your site 1 day, then I would recommend using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing happens when you earn commissions to recommend a product or service.

You have given a product a special link to your site, so if someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

If this is your first site, then I would advise to use the Amazon Affiliate Program. How it works, you post affiliate links on your site for anything on Amazon (Amazon will provide a link for you). If your readers click on that link and then buy something, then Amazon will pay you between 4-8% of the commission.

The program is particularly great because their affiliate links are valid-store wide. This means that if someone clicks on a link for coconut oil on your site, but they buy laptops while on Amazon, you will get a commission for it.

Once you become more familiar with building sites, you can start watching other, more exciting programs, but Amazon is a great person to start.

Other things to think about:

  • People will need to buy if you have products in Micro Niche (for example, if you have made a site about coconut oil dishes then your readers will obviously buy coconut oil) to monetize it with Amazon To make more sense. Why? Because you can link to coconut oil (or whatever product) on Amazon and collect commission.
  • If your subtle niche is more informative and people will not usually buy things (for example, philosophy or meditation) then it becomes more understandable to monetize with Adsense.
  • Finally: Make sure you build your site before submitting an application for AdSense or Amazon affiliate programs. Post some articles on your site and make it full and active. When you apply, they will review your site to see if it complies with their guidelines or not. It sounds challenging but it is not really. Unless your site is showing up as a trick and you have followed the guidelines, then there should be no problem in getting approved!


How much money did my site earn?

Since my site was based around home remedies (lots of oil, powder, plant products, etc.), so I included Amazon affiliate links for all those articles in my articles, and people were clicking them and buying them .

At first I was surprised that this was happening, but then I remembered when I was treating myself, I was ordering the same things too! The entire point of the site was to recommend to people the same treatment that I used, so it finally became a total knowledge. The site was working just as I intended.

Here’s what the first couple of months looked like:

How To Build A Micro Niche Site

If you can not read it, this means that the site has created $ 59.02 in its first two months. It’s not like much, but it’s actually more than this blog that you are reading! (Which made zero dollars in its first two months)

The site is actually quite rare to earn money from its first month. However, if you write good content and publicize it with a monetization plan, then there is no reason why you can not do it.

Even if this site sticks with $ 60 in every two months, then it is still $ 360 per year, which is highly probable. Very cool for a little side, you can keep them together in just a few weekends.

It is not uncommon for such special sites to make $ 1,000 + per month after love and development. I am sure that if I dedicate a significant time on this site then it can reach that level.

For reasons I will share below, maybe I will not do this, but if you want to create a serious Niche Site Income Stream, then it is definitely possible!

Update 2018: When I first wrote this article, the site was earning $ 30 a month per month. Now it’s making about $ 100. Keeping in mind I have not done any hard work, it is very good.

Obviously, I do not believe in staying on this site or doing anything, so I am happy to make it a pocket money, but it is fun to see that it remains ticking.


To maintain a micro niche site, two things are required:

  1. Promote regularly.
  2. Regularly publish articles.

It can be as easy as sharing your articles on social media, answering some questions in the forums or leaving some comments on other websites. It involves writing articles and writing a week in a week or a week to regularly publish articles.

To be honest, I do not think I’m moving forward on this site. It’s a fun joke and it’s making a bit of money, but obviously it’s not something I’m very passionate about.

Unless I feel like this, I will continue investing for one or two hours in a month, but I am planning to spend more time in creating a more subtle niche site according to my interests.

Even if I think this will be an excellent example for you when you create your own specific site and so I am sharing it here today. I hope this will help you get your own web empire from the ground!

Summary: The steps to create a micro-niche site that earn money from Day 1

  1. Set up a website. I use Sightground and highly recommend it.
  2. Choose your Micro-niche. Try and choose what you are knowledgeable / interested.
  3. Think about 25 article ideas.
  4. (Epic guide etc.) to start 2-3 epic articles. Monetization with affiliate link I recommend using Amazon Associates if this is your first site.
  5. Start promoting.
  6. Publish an article in a week to keep the search engine happy.
  7. Grow your site and collect your money!

It’s seriously simplified. There is nothing intellectual or difficult about it. Just separate the hours to do the tasks and you will have a micro-niche site that earns money

The most important thing: Have fun!

One last piece of advice I want to give to anyone, do not take it very seriously. People always say that you need to treat your websites such as trade and conflict struggle conflicts etc.

I disagree.

To get this thing you are going to spend $ 50- $ 100 – there is no risk to your life savings here. Choose a topic that you enjoy reading and writing; Say stupid things in your articles, if you want, swear, add stupid photos.

There is nothing worse than sliding on the site about some boring trick while reading high school textbooks. Treat your new website as a video game and just have fun with it.

Even if you only make $ 2 at the end, at least you learned something new and had a good time. And if you really enjoy what you are doing, then I promise that you will do more than that

Gaurav Kumar

Hello friends, Welcome to My name is Gaurav Kumar. And I am from Maharashtra (India). I started as a passion, and now it is empowering as many readers worldwide as possible to help them make money from their blogs. The purpose of making this website is just that. That is how people make blogs, earn money, earn money from WordPress, social media, SEO and online money. Wool methods have to reach them.

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