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Do you know about Best Keyword Research Tools?

Tools that makes every blogger’s job easier. If you know about the tools already mentioned, then this is a great thing and if you do not know.

There is no need to worry because today you will be able to give people the best Keyword Research tools for keyword research.

I am going to give full information in knowing that you can use them in your blog too.

As we know this well, the basic foundation of SEO is keyword research.

After this, other factors like On-Page Optimization, Content Quality, Good User Interface, etc. Many companies invest millions of dollars for keyword research. So that they can get their targeted content.

So far, you might have figured out how important the right keywords are for your blog.

To solve this problem today I thought that you should tell people about SEO about Best Keyword Research Tools.

Which is very important for bloggers. So let’s start, and know what are Best Keyword Research Tools and how to use them.

What is Keywords?

Best Keyword Research Tools1

Keywords are important words that the search engine knows, what your website or blog is about. Keep in mind that you do not use too much of your main keyword.

This is called Keyword stuffing. This can reduce the rank of your blog, which is not a good thing for you.

Good keywords are those of which more and more people are searching.

And they also have some significance. The keywords you choose are very important for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a good ranking of your blog or website.

Analyze the choice of the right keywords is not that easy. By then you can think which keywords will work for you, not anyone else.

Fortunately, we have many tools available for the right Keyword Research and we can find out. Which keywords are useful to us.

By the way, there are two main types of best keyword research tools:

Best Keyword Research Tools2


1. Basic keyword research

They use seed keywords to find profitable keywords.

2. Competitive Based Keyword Research

They are used to soften those keywords which are used to bring good traffic through other competitiveness.

If I talk about myself, then I like competitive based keyword research, because keyword research means searching for keyword research that is more profitable.

In this case, if any keywords are proved wrong for someone else, then surely they will be for someone else.

Do you want to rank your blog?
Want to get your article on Google’s first page?

If so, then you have to choose good and profitable keywords for it, which are doing many visitor search,

And they have to prepare good content by using the same keywords.

But here’s a challenge:

If all people use the same best keyword research tools, then everyone will get the same keywords and compete with each other will also be difficult.

What is best keyword research tools?

If you choose popular keywords that are being selected by everyone, then you have to do a lot in ranking. Because there is a lot of competition in it.

And if you are thinking that you would rank a keyword search that is not doing any search, then it is not okay.

Because this will not give you any traffic because nobody is searching for such things.

In that case, we have to find good search keywords that have good search volume and should also be profitable.

For this, we have to get the help of best keyword research tools.

Best Keyword Research Tools 2018

In today’s world, I’m going to tell you about the best keyword research tools on the Internet, which will help you find good and profitable keywords.

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEMrush?

When entering a new market with a new website, you are following the best keywords for each single search.

When making your list of the most relevant search terms, keep in mind: at this moment, your competitors are doing the same.

In addition, your strongest online rivals have ranked not only on the first page of search engine results page but also in its top positions.

Do you have any chance to end your competition? Definitely yes!

Be careful when choosing your keywords. Before starting keyword research, you believe that your potential customers will use to find your services or products on your site.

Confirm that you have selected fewer competing keywords.

Keywords with low competition are essential for increasing your website rank. How can you find them? Follow the instructions below.

1) Build Your Initial Keyword List

The ultimate goal of any keywordword search is to find the most relevant keyword that will drive to your website, as much traffic as possible from your targeted user.

The easiest way to find the best keywords in your industry is to check your competitors’ website.

Go to SEMrush → Organic Research → Positions, then enter a domain name and click on search.

Best Keyword Research Tools3

You will find a list of keywords, ranking your competitors’ website in Google or Bing’s Top 20 Organic Research results.

2. Use filters to find the most relevant keywords for your business.

Best Keyword Research Tools4

3. Generate an Organic Search Positions report for multiple domains, and export the results in XLS or CSV file.

For your convenience, you can consolidate all the exported file in the same place to keep all Relevant keywords in one place.

Best Keyword Research Tools5

4. You can also use the domain vs domain tool to see the unique keyword per domain and export your results.

Best Keyword Research Tools6

For example, we have done the following five domains:,,, and

In some click, we created a list of 30,000 keywords for the baby care industry.

2) Expand Your Keyword List

The keyword extension is to increase your Initial keyword search with search terms and phrases that you have ignored.

To search phrase match keywords, go to SEMrush → keywords research → full search, enter a word from your initial list of search keyword and click on search.

5. You will find a list of keyword phrases that will include a hinted word.

To find related keywords, use the related keywords report. This will list the phrases related to a particular kind of research.

Best Keyword Research Tools7

You can also export your results and put them in a consolidated file with all other keywords that you want to target.

3) Discover High-Volume Keywords

You definitely need to know the search volume of your keywords. Average monthly search for each keyword shows you.

That’s how much potential traffic you can get. The higher your ranking for the Search term with High Volume,

The more traffic will be delivered to your website. Obviously, competition for these keywords is very high.

There is no understanding in trying to rank for those keywords for which you do not have a chance of ranking.

This is why you need to find the right balance between the search volume and its Competition level of any keywords.

Estimate the level of competition

By using the SEMrush Organic status report, you can see both the metrics for each keyword:

6. Volume – The average number of search queries for any keywords in the last 12 months.

7. Competition – The density of advertisers by using a special search phrase for their advertisements. Although this metrics refers to competition in paid search,

Best Keyword Research Tools8

It can also be a representative of Organic Search Competition.

You can also export your results directly in XLS or CSV file.

Estimate Keyword Difficulty

To predict competitiveness for a particular keyword in fully organic search, use the SEMrush keywords difficulty tool.

You can see the keyword difficulty of 100 keywords at a time. Enter one search keywords per line, and click on the difficulty Show button.

The difficulty of keywords (from 1-100%) makes you guess how hard it would be to seize the position of your competitors in Google or Bing Top 20 with a particular keyword (8). The higher the percentage

The more you try to pursue your competitors for targeted keywords:

Above 80%: Most hard keywords You have to invest a lot of seo and link-building efforts, as well as you will be able to enter Google Top 20.

If you have a new site, then you should not focus on the highly competitive keywords

From 60-80%: Keywords with Average Difficulty With these keywords Google will not be easy to enter the top 20.

However, with high quality content and Relevant backlinks, you will be able to confiscate the conditions of your competitors on time.

Below 60%: Keywords which are the easiest to rank, but the hardest to find is difficult. Low Competition search, high-volume keywords will require hard work and patience.

But if you are lucky to find a strong list of these search keywords and apply them to your site, then you have a great chance of high ranking for these high-volume search terms.

Best Keyword Research Tools9

Extend Your Research

But what if you are working in highly competitive industry, such as insurance or travel, and all the keywords you have targeted have more than 80 or 90% difficulty?

No worries! Ranking high is still worthwhile. For each keyword, you can see your top 20 strongest competitors.

To find the weaknesses of your competitors, analyze each domain’s keywords with the Organic Status report.

Best Keyword Research Tools10

In addition, you can report your research by preparing an Organic Competitive Report for each of the top 20 domains with the highest domain strength,

And can discover more websites in their industry and can get more Keyword with less competition.


High ranking is highly possible for search terms with high search volume! Believe in your SEO success, and follow these steps:

  • Analyze Competitors and create initial keywords list.
  • Enrich it with related keywords and phrases Matching keywords.
  • Estimate the difficulty of your competitors and keywords of your competitors.
  • Apply keywords through your website.
  • Regularly research keywords with low competitor.
  • To see if they are growing, track your ranking!

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