3 Fastest Web Hosting Providers For WordPress.

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When it comes to your website, speed is very important. So today I will show you for 3 Fastest Web Hosting Providers For WordPress. How quickly your website loads, impacts everything from user experience to conversion rates to your website, and finally your search engine ranking in Google is affected by this.

Conclusion It turns out that you create your WordPress website as you want, but keep one thing carefully that as fast as possible, it should be loaded.

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All these things help to reduce the loading time of your WordPress website, but most importantly, web hosting of your site, because if it is not fast, then doing other things will not even be of any use.

If you optimize yourself, then it will only help you, but in the end it all depends on your webserver only.

So if you are searching for a web hosting to host your WordPress site, which is very fast, today we are presenting to you, a list of the 3 Fastest Web Hosting Providers For WordPress.

1. Bluehost Optimized WordPress Hosting

For low price we recommend the shared hosting of Bluehost to beginners, but if you want fast load time, then you can choose the only optimized WordPress hosting of Bluehost.

Its pricing table is given below:


Whether it is expensive from Bluehost’s shared hosting plans, but you get lots of features in it so that your WordPress site’s loading time is fast.

Let’s know what you get in the hosting of Bluehost, that your site will be fast load.

  • Bluehost’s WordPress hosting uses VPS technology.

This means that you get a full share of the server. Your server resources in shared hosting are shared with others’ websites. But in VPS technology, you do not need to share, it means that the speed of your site will not be reduced if you load on the site of others.

But this is not the only improvement in it …

Bluehost’s WordPress hosting uses NGINX web servers, while their shared hosting uses the Apache web servers. NGINX hosting does remarkably well with Apache, especially for high traffic sites. In this test NGINX performed on average, 4.2 times better than Apache server.

Other Benefits of Choosing Bluehost’s WordPress Hosting:

  • Integrated SiteLock features to keep your site safe
  • If you need more resources for more traffic, then you can scale the server dynamically.
  • A dedicated storage for automatic backups and backups.
  • Free SSL certificate

As I mentioned, you have to pay more than Bluehost’s shared hosting, but if you are fasting for the fastest hosting for WordPress then this is a great deal.

2. Kinsta

If you want the best and fastest web hosting for WordPress, and you are also ready to pay more for it, then Kinsta is one of the best options.

Their cheapest plan is $ 100 per month:


Every single thing in Kinsta is optimized for performance.

First of all, they use Google Cloud Platform for your website. This means that when you use Kinsta, your website runs on Google’s infrastructure. And when it comes to internet, Google’s reputation is the best!

But the matter is not only of Google Cloud Platform, but Kinsta uses every single right technology. So that it ensures that your site is fast load.

This means:

  • NGINX – As I mentioned to you in the Bluehost section, it performs well with Apache server.
  • PHP 7 – It performs well from previous versions of PHP.
  • LXD containers – These help to fast load your site.
  • MariaDB – These works great with cheap hosting MySQL databases.

When you keep all these performance-enhancing technologies with Google platform, your website’s pages are incredibly fast load.
Apart from performance, there are many other great features of Kinsta:

  • User-friendly admin dashboard – You get a custom panel in place of cPanel.
  • You can create a duplicate copy of your site to test
  • Staging sites – Changes. (How to Build Your WordPress Blog’s Staging Site for Testing?)
  • Great Support – Support is very good and fast.
  • Automatic Backups – This keeps your data safe!

As I said, Kinsta charges little premium for its premium service.

3. SiteGround

Siteground offers performance oriented WordPress hosting which is with Bluehost in terms of price.

Their hosting plans start with $ 3.95 with promotional pricing.

But if you expect good, then choose their $ 5.95 or $ 11.95 per month plan.


Contrary to the other hosts, hosting of Site Hosting is shared hosting, and as such, it is great performance, listening to shared hosting, do not underestimate it, because it uses some of the technologies that other hosts do not.

  • HTTP / 2 – Offers great perforamance with this old HTTP technology that is used by most shared hosts. It also gives you free SSL.
  • PHP 7 – As I mentioned before, it performs well from previous versions of PHP.
  • SSD – Great performance from older physical drives comes from SSD.

If you choose large plans, you also get the advantage of SiteGround’s three level server side caching so that perfomance of your site improves.

Apart from all these features, it also offers you the following features:

  • Automatic updates.
  • Staging sites (in the largest plan.
  • Automatic core WordPress updates.
  • Free SSL certificate, Let’s Encrypt by.
  • Account isolation, to protect you site.
  • 24/7 Support.

Regardless, SiteGround does not use NGINX servers like other hosts, but still one of the fastest web hosts, which you can find in such a low price range.

Which of these WordPress hosts should you choose?

All three offer host fast loading time and great performance. So in this I think that the decesion will be according to pricing.

If you are just starting now and do not want to pay $ 100 + for your WordPress hosting, Bluehost or Siteground will be great web hosts for you. I can not promise that they will be as good as Kinsta, but they are value for money.

But on the other hand if you want the fastest WordPress hosting, and you are also ready to pay more for it, then Kinsta is the best one.

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Which of these WordPress hosts should you choose?