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Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Timeline (2008 to 2018) Part:- 2

A few months later, Peter Quill and The Guardian used to encounter ego, who heard about Peter when he kept Infinity Stone briefly without hearing.

The ego tells that the quill is his son and he is also part of the Celestial, this is the reason that Infinity Stone did not kill him immediately.

The ego tries to empower its seeds and use the quill to collect the galaxy.

But the Guardian associated with the Nebula and Yondu stop him - although Yondu offers himself a sacrifice to save the quill.

Throughout the year, Hydra Boss Baron von Stracker, Sokovian brothers Sisters Wanda and Pietro Maximoff conduct experiments using Loki's scepter - AKA The Mind Stone - give them super powers.

May 2015: Tony Stark comes out of retirement so that the Avengers can help in the remaining HYDRA forces. They regain Loki's scepter - and the brainstones.

Stark and Bruce Banner use it to make sure that they will be a peace-building artificial intelligent who can replace Avengers.

Instead, they accidentally make the powerful robotic unit Ultron, who tries to destroy humanity and remake the planet in its image.

Avengers beat Ultron, but before it destroys a city in Sokovia, there are many lives.

Ultron's Skimming Results at the Birth of The Vision, Stark's Jervis AI merged with Mind Stone. He joined Avengers with Venda Maximoff, also known as Scarlett Witch.

In the meantime, the banner leaves the earth in the Avengers Quinjet for the unknown destination, suffering from its uncontrolled nature in the form of incidents and Hulk.

July 2015: Recently displaced thief Scott Lang broke into the house of Pim in hopes of making some valuable theft to pay for child support.

Instead, he finds the pime's ant-man suit and its capabilities. Pim has promised to make Lam the new Ant-Man, so that Pim's former patron, Darren Cross can help prevent it.

Who hoped to make a copy of the Yellognet named Ant-Man suit and sold it to Hydra. Among all these, he falsens Falcon, who will later recruit him during the Marvel Civil War.

Late 2015: Peter Parker, a student of Queens High School, is cut off from a radioactive spider and develops super powers. She makes an unstable costume and works as a Spider-Man in Queens.

June 2016: After the disasters like Sokoviya and New York is already unbelievable, the Avengers cause an international phenomenon. When operation in Yemen causes many vermin support workers to die.

It signals an international treaty to make the avengers under the UN supervision, the Sokoviya Agreement. Captain America opposes the agreement.

While Iron Man supports them, the other Avengers forces.

A bomb exploded on the signing of the Sokoviya Agreement in Vienna, killing King T'Chaka of Waqanda, and later Bucky Barnes has been prepared for it.

King's son, T'Chala, recognizes the identity of Black Panther and pledges to kill the lucky, while Captain America goes ahead to protect them.

Barnes and Cap learn that Helmut was genuinely responsible for Zemo assault, and believes that he is trying to gain control over the remaining Hydra Super soldiers.

But the agreement strives to stop Zemo illegally, and he is now a desirous person.

Tony compels the authorities to become the person in the stove. He gathers the Avengers who support the agreement,

While Steve gathers those who oppose him. The struggle of the two factions, but the war machine has seriously injured.

Steve and Bucky escaping, and the Avengers who joined them were arrested and sent to the secret prison for powerful people.

Stark knows that Avengers has been tampered with by Zemo, but his friendship with Steve is almost lost when he learns that Bucky had killed his father.

The Black Panther catches Zemo and takes Barnes to fix his mind in the rug.

Tony runs with heroes who supported him, and the relations of all Avengers were badly damaged.
A few days later, T'Chala officially returns to Wakanda for his treason to become the King and the Black Panther.

When Ulysses Klou resurrected, T'Chala and his allies to capture Clouse with the CIA.

But Clau was rescued by his colleague Eric Stevens, who is also known by his American special force nickname, Killmonger.

Tachala Vakanda returns and believes that she could not stop Clu, but soon, Killmonger arrived in Wakanda with Kalyu's body.

Killmonger uses the killer of Wakanda to kill the Ku Klu, and his position as N'jobu's son uses T'Chala to challenge and become king.

Kilmongers can harm them, before T'Chala's colleagues manage to avoid them.

Later, they find the injured body of T'Chala, from which they are resurrected using a heart-shaped herb.

Killmonger is ready to use Vibrantry weapons to distribute people around the world and create a rebellion-led revolution.

T'Chala returns and finally kills Killmonger, but decides to end Waqand's secessionist practices in favor of using the country's property and technology to help the rest of the world.


During the Marvel Civil War, Peter Parker had been admitted to help Stark in a small fight between the Avengers.

After this, Stark gives Parker a new technologically advanced Spider-Man suit. Spider-Man returns to New York and commits low-level crime.

Two months later, Spider-Man struggles to balance high school and social life with its responsibilities.
He competes with criminals who rob the ATM using powerful weapons rescued from the Battle of New York. Spider-Man tracks sales back to Tums.

The specially designed flight uses "Vulture" armor to create weapons to steal technology from damage control.

Spider-Man stops the toms, which is sent to jail, where he competes with one of his buyers, MacGergen (aka Scorpio), who takes revenge against Spider-Man.

Tony Stark offers Spider-Man an avenger, but Spider-Man closes the offer to help regular New York people.

Early Fall, 2016: In Kathmandu, Nepal, Magician Kaecilius and his enthusiasm enter the campus Kamar-Taj and steal some pages from an ancient, mysterious text from the ancient forest.

A long-standing magician who has taught each student in Kamar-Taj, including Kaecilius. The ancient forest pursues betrayals, but escapes from Kaecilius and his followers.

At about the same time, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange has to face major nerve damage in his hands in car accidents and is spent in recovering in several months.

Now is not able to perform surgery, strange starts a desperate search for ways to cure itself.

Late Winter Fall 2017: Stephen Strange detects Kamar-Taj and travels to Nepal, where he takes the annual learning magic from the ancient forest.

In the early fall, weird learns that the ancient forest has been dormant by Dormmoo by tapping into the power of the God from the dark dimension.

Soon after, the ancient forest was killed by Kaecilius, who wants to allow Dormammu to take over the earth and to end death.

Using Agamotto's eye, locking Dormammu in a while loop defeats the weird necklace Kaecilius, which is actually the Time Infinity Stone.

After that he resides in New York City as the owner of the City of Mystic Art.

Strange friends and magical adviser, Carl Mordo, are confused with the violation of the "natural law" of the ancient forest and leaves, later promises to erase all insufficient wizards.

Late 2017 - Beginners 2018: After finding a way to stop Ragarok for a few years (they had a vision during the fight against Ultron).

Thor realizes that Loki has removed Odin. They return to Asgard to find WTF and the couple goes on the earth to find Odin.

Where they get help from Dr. Strange. Odin shows that he is dying, tells Loki and Thor about Hela, and warns that

His death ends his imprisonment. Haila comes to Earth, destroys MjĂžlnir, and Thor and Loki are exiled, who fly on the planet.

Hela handled Asgard, while Thor was forced to fight in the Grandmaster-operated sakaar gladiator area.

There Thor came to know that Hulk is the favorite fighter of Sakaar. Eventually, Hulk and the last surviving Asgardian Valkyrie assure the thief to help fight Thor Hulk.

Back on Asgard, Haila Thor's eye gouges out But with the help of Valkyrie, Hulk and Loki, Thor really manages to defeat the helle by starting rogarok.

Asgard is destroyed, but Asgardians survive as refugees on a huge spaceship. In the escape, Loki takes Tessax along with him.

As the Asgardians, with Thor as their new king, head on the earth, they are blocked by a huge spaceship. That ship is Sanctuary II, which has been ordered by Thanos.

Thanos attacked the Asgardian ship, killing the remaining half of Thor. Heimdall died after sending Hulk back to Earth using bifrost.

In return for Loki Thor, Thanos turns on Tesseract with Space Stone, but then attempts to kill thanos, who kills him.

Thanos sends his Lieutenant, Black Orders to recover the remaining two Spirit Stones on Earth.
At about the same time: In two years after the "civil war" war between Avengers, Scott Lang was arrested in San Francisco, as part of a petition deal after violating the Socoia Agreement.

Because he used Hank Pim's shrinking technique, Hank and Hope van witch also wanted under the agreement, and went into the race.

While avoiding the FBI, Hope and Hank started working on the quantum tunnel, which would allow them to reach the quantum scope.

Hope's mother, Janet Van Witch, was lost in quantum scope 30 years ago, but Hank thinks he can still be alive.

After completing his Quantum tunnel after Hank and Hope, Janet has an approach as a result of his time in the quantum scope near Scott.

Hank and Hope recruit Scott to help them find Janet. Since three attempts to eliminate the quantum tunnel to save up to Janet.

Therefore, they are known as Black Market Technology Dealer Sunny Birch, and Eva is also known as ghost. Ava's father was formerly a companion to Hank.

But in an accident, due to which Ana's body lost quantum stability, allowing it to proceed through the substance.

Sunny tries to steal the narrow laboratory of Hanke, both independently, but Scott stops both Ant-Man and Hope in the form of Hope.

Hank manages to save Janet from quantum scope. Janet has obtained the powers of quantum scope, which he uses to stabilize the ov and to save it from sorrow.

Officials failed to get Scott to arrest his house, and finally he was released.

In the meantime: Despite the intervention of one of the Black Orders on Earth, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Wong, and Spider-Man, the doctor manages to catch Strange to take time stone.

Tony and Spider-Man infiltrate Mav's ship and the Doctor manages to save the strange, and the group decides to go to Titan to try to stop Thanos.

Meanwhile, the Guardian's Guardian Asgardian answers the call and finds the noble. He gave information about the help of Groot and Rocket Raccoon to go to Nidavellir.

Where Thor's hammer Mjolnir was made forged, so that he could get a new weapon that could beat Thanos.

At the same time, Thor receives Stormbreaker, an ax capable of killing Thanos, and then returns to Earth with Groot and Rocket.

The rest of the Guardian Reality do not go anywhere to stop thanos from recovering the Stone, but it's too late. Then thanos gamora catches up

He tortures the nebula and forces him to take it to Sol Stone. On Vormir, thanos faced the red skull.
Which was sent to the planet by the Space Stone in 1944, and corrected soul stone by trading its "love" ghamora.

In the meantime, the remaining guardian Titan and Stark go to the strange and spider-man team attack with onos.

On Earth, the battle machine, Falcon, Black Widow, Bruce Banner and Scarlett Witch to protect Captain America band Vision - Mind Stone is its share.

If thanos receives it, then they expect that Vision will die. To avoid this, they take them to stand against the army of thanos near wakanda.

While Wakanda's princess Shuri tries to make a connection in Vision's brain, which will allow her to remain without stones. To prevent it from getting it from thos, it is to destroy it.

The black order attacks the wand, but with the help from the returning heroes, the heroes and their army defeat the lieutenant and their army of the thanos.

But on titan, Doctor Strange, after using Time Stone to see millions of alternative futures, Tony leaves the time to save Stark's life.

With five Infinity Stones, thanos go to Earth to get the last stone from Vision. Scarlet witch destroys the stone.

While other heroes captured the thanos, murdered Vision, but thanos uses Time Stone to overturn this act.

He tears Man Stone from the head of Vision, kills him. Thor can stop him with Stormbreaker, thanos broke his fingers.

Half life was killed in the universe - in which all Guardians of Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Bucky Barnes, Falcon, and Galaxy were saved for the rocket. ran away, won
In the final post-credit scene, Nick Fury watches seem to be missing due to the win overos. As soon as he changes himself into dust.

He uses a special pager to send the message. On the pager, Captain Marvel's logo appears.

In San Francisco, Hank, Janet and Hope scout send Quantum to Scott using a compressed version of the quantum tunnel in Reelam.

Therefore, he can collect "quantum healing particles" to help the ghost. When he went, there is a snap of thanos in wakanda.

Thanks to the wishes of Hank, Janet and Hope thanos disappear, and Scott has moved into quantum realm.