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40+ Free Best WordPress Themes for Blogs:(2018 Edition)

Are you looking for a Best WordPress Themes for Blogs theme for your website?

One of the thousands of best free wordpress themes.

Choosing wordpress templates free, makes it difficult for new bloggers to choose.

In this post, we have some great free wordpress blog themes and those are free that you can use on your new blog.

Getting Started with WordPress

First of all, you must confirm that you are using the right platform.

Self hosted site is an ideal platform for starting your blog because it gives you more independence and control.

It is open source and comes with support for thousands of wordpress templates free and extensions,

Which helps you to quickly increase your blog.

For more information, see our guide on why you should use wordpress website themes.

You can use step-by-step beginner guides to get started with WordPress Blog for detailed instructions.

Once you're up and running, it's time to choose themes for your website. You can choose a topic below from our expert selection.

And then follow the instructions to set up the WordPress theme guide to setup it properly.

By saying this, let's look at some free best wordpress themes for blogs that you can install on your website.

1. Bento

Bento is a powerful multi-purpose WordPress blog theme with many powerful features.

It works very well with most page builder plugins and even recommends an Established on Activation.

For a free best wordpress themes for blogs, Bento comes packaged with great customization options. All of them can be accessed using the theme adapter.

2. Modernize

Need a blog theme with minimal approach to design?

Check out Modernize It's a simple wordpress blog theme with a compressed menu and it comes in one and two column layouts.

Designed to improve readability, it uses clean typography and handles beautiful images beautifully.

3. Nisarg

Nisarg is a beautiful best wordpress themes for blogs theme.

It comes with a clean layout with two navigation menus and a large full-width header image.

It also supports custom backgrounds and colors.

Using theme optimizer, all the themes options are easily customizable.

It comes with many post formats for videos, galleries, audios, chats, aside, quote, etc.

4. Hueman

Hueman is one of the most popular free best wordpress themes for blogs themes.

It comes with a multi-column layout and any type of content can be easily used on rich blog or magazine websites.

You get support for tons of custom headers, two column layouts, full width layouts, and easy customization options.

5. Juno

Juno is a beautifully designed free best wordpress themes for blogs. This allows you to customize colors and fonts easily.

The juno includes features like a Slider area, masonry style blog, fully responsive design, and many Widget Areas.

It supports WooCommerce and comes with page, product and blog post layout.

6. Peaceful

Peaceful is a minimal WordPress blog theme. It has a column layout with large Header image, compact navigation menu and beautiful featured images.

It's fast and easy to setup and looks great on all Devices and Screen sizes.

7. Ajaira

Ajaira is a simple free blog theme for WordPress. It has a minimal design that focuses on crisp typography and beautiful featured images.

It comes with Header Social Menu, Header Search Bar, Custom Background, Custom Header and colors.

All themes options are easy to setup using the Live Theme customizer.

8. Wisteria

Wisteria is a simple WordPress blog theme with a focus on beautiful typography and content.

It comes with custom background, custom color, custom header and left sidebar.

The top and beautiful homepage in Wisteria has the same Navigation menu that shows your post with a Custom section and a featured image.

9. Ribosome

Ribosome is a magazine style free and best wordpress themes for blogs theme.

It comes with custom header, custom background, and Unlimited colors.

There is only one Navigation Main and a social menu at the top.

Ribosome comes with two Column layouts with the right side sidebar. There are 6 different Google fonts,

Round or Square thumbnails, post and two widget areas at the end of the beginning, which are perfect for displaying advertisements or related posts.

10. Poseidon

Poseidon is a free multi-purpose WordPress blog theme.

Featuring a large layout, it comes with a full width slider, homepage layout, and multiple page templates.

Homepage Layout can be easily setup using Widgets.

11. SiteOrigin Unwind

SiteOrigin Unwind is a multipurpose free wordpress theme with full WooCommerce support.

Designed with a minimalist style, the Unwind Site is highly customizable using Oreigen Page Builder Plugin.

It comes with several layouts, custom header, background, and color support.

12. Hemingway

Hemingway is a clean WordPress blog themes, in which two Column layouts, full width header image with parallax effect.

It supports custom pronunciation color, custom logo upload, custom widget (Video, Flickr and Dribbble), Page templates, etc.

All theme options are quick and easy to setup.

13. Maxwell

Maxwell is a simple and elegant WordPress theme. It has a clean magazine-style layout with beautiful typography.

It comes with various post layouts and a gorgeous Featured Post Slide Show.

14. Hit

Hit is a minimal WordPress blog theme. It has a full width header image and two column layouts.

It comes with a deformity free style that is perfect for reading and displaying your photos.

15. Writee

Writee is a free wordpress themes suitable for personal website, travel and adventure blogs.

There is a big slider at the top using the featured image from the blog post.

It comes with many templates and custom widgets among many other features.

16. Libretto

Libretto is a beautiful and best wordpress themes for blogs designed specifically to show long form writing, stories, poetry etc.

It uses beautiful typography with PlayFair display and Libere Baskarville Fonte, an elegant color scheme,

And Distraction Free Single Column Layout.

17. Verbosa

Verbosa is a beautifully-ready WordPress blog theme. It is built with the readability and visual presence of your content in the center.

It uses a three column layout on the homepage, in which two columns show your content in a beautiful grid.

18. Flat

Flat two is a modern wordpress blog theme with Column Layout. There is a Left Sidebar with Navigation menu.

Large features, custom logo, custom background, and header support.

It comes with a flexible optimization option that can be setup using the Live Theme customizer.

19. Lovecraft

Lovecraft is a clean and simple free wordpress blogging theme.

It has a full-width custom header at the top and uses bold headlines for the post title. It comes with a left sidebar on the left and a Navigation menu.

20. Baskerville

Baskerville is a modern and stylish WordPress blog theme.

There is a large full-width header image after your post, presented as a grid on the homepage.

It comes with gorgeous templates for single posts and pages.

21. Sanse

Looking for an incredibly fast and extremely simple WordPress blog theme?

Try Sanse. This free blog theme does not support featured images and your post's grid is with the homepage layout element.

There are three widget areas in the footer at the top and the single navigation bar.

22. Magnus

Magnus is a free WordPress photography theme theme for blogger's.

It uses the Featured Image as a fullscreen header image on each post.

The homepage layout is featured with just the post titles.

It uses a column layout for single posts. It has a collapsing sidebar, a navigation menu at the top, and supports custom headers.

You should also consider using Magnus in combination with Envira Gallery, a powerful WordPress gallery plugin.

23. Fashionistas

As the name suggests, Fashionistas is a word press themes for fashion and lifestyle blogs.

It has a light bright design with gorgeous display of beautiful typography and featured images.

It comes with two navigation menus, right sidebar, and footer widget areas.

24. Admiral

Admiral is a magazine style WordPress theme which is suitable for sports blogs, magazines, and news websites.

There is a three column layout with two sidebar on the three sides and the content column in between.

This featured posts comes with slideshow, a magazine homepage template, a widgetized header area, support for two different post layouts and infinite scrolls.

25. Coral Dark

If you are looking for a best wordpress themes for blogs with dark backgrounds, then try Coral Dark.

It comes in a column or two column layout with the built-in slide show. This allows you to customize the font and the colors and comes with two widget ready areas.

26. Barletta

Barletta is a lightweight and elegant WordPress blog theme. This is designed for Lifestyle, Travel, fashion, food, and personal blogs.

It focuses on improving readability and displaying your images brilliantly.

With the sidebar on the right it has two column layouts. It supports a featured content slider on custom header, background, and homepage.

27. Revive

Revive is a beautiful free blog theme for WordPress.

It has a head-style image and a magazine style layout with your special content displayed in the post field.

This font comes integrated with the Awesome icon and supports many blog layouts.

28. Hiero


Hiero is a free WordPress blog theme with a magazine style layout.

It uses bold colors for header and pronunciation. It uses two column layouts and comes with a navigation menu at the top.

Home page displays your latest post with images with quotes and attributes.

29. Zeal

Zeal is a free best wordpress themes for blogs theme for creative types.

It comes with color filter options, featured posts, multiple widget areas, and vertical zambotrons with stunning parallax effects.

It supports custom header, background, and custom colors. It comes with many widget ready areas and page templates.

30. Tracks

Tracks is a thoughtfully designed WordPress blog theme for personal, magazines and photography websites.

Includes logo uploader, social media icon, search bar, widget ready area and crisp typography. The homepage has a grid layout of your post with featured images.

31. Extant

Extant is one of the least WordPress blog themes that are specially designed for photographers and artists.

It provides a chaotic-free design with no sidebar or widget-ready areas.

Homepage is made up of grids of your post using only featured images and post titles. It comes with a brief menu on top and two layout options.

32. Scratchpad

Scratchpad is a painting and colorful wordpress blog theme.

It uses a set of patterns, pictures, and styles to look beautiful and fun. It supports many post formats and displays them beautifully.

It has a sidebar on the right side, and the other is below.

33. The Columnist

The Columnist is a WordPress blog theme that has a magazine style look.

It comes with various layouts for homepage, archives, single page, bbpress, and buddypress.

It also includes a responsive optimization slider and four color schemes.

34. Satori

Satori is a highly customizable WordPress theme for blogs and personal websites.

It has a full-width header on the homepage and comes with various page templates including WooCommerce, multiple widget ready areas and support for post formats.

35. Nitro

Nitro is a highly customizable free wordpress blog theme. It comes with a beautiful homepage layout with slider on top and featured content.

It has several widget ready areas, page templates, and custom headers, backgrounds, social menus, custom colors support.

36. WriterBlog

WriterBlog is a simple WordPress blog theme that has a classic blog layout. It comes in two column layouts with sidebar on the right.

It supports full width custom headers, custom backgrounds, custom colors, etc.

37. Illdy

Illdy is a multi-purpose WordPress theme suitable for business, personal, magazine websites.

It is built on bootstrap framework and includes large header images, two columns and full width layout, custom background and color selection.

38. Tecblogger

Tecblogger is a simple and clean WordPress blog theme. It has a classic blog look with content columns and right sidebar.

It comes with a navigation menu at the top and supports custom headers, custom backgrounds and colors.

39. MadHat

MadHat is built on Bootstrap framework, and it is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with a black and white layout that can be easily customized.

This font comes with Awesome Icons, Multiple Blog Layouts, and Sidebar Optimization.

40. Garfunkel

Garfunkel is a stylish WordPress blog theme that offers grid layouts on the homepage.

It supports custom header, custom background, six post formats (including gallery slideshow), six custom widgets, social menu and two page templates.

41. Author

Author is a beautiful WordPress blog theme for writers and authors.

There is a simple two column layout with the sidebar and navigation menu in the left column and the right side content.

It supports custom colors, backgrounds, and multiple post formats. It is adapted for accessibility and performance.

42. Tempo

Tempo is a modern WordPress blogging theme that can be easily used as a business website too.

It has a crisp typography with a bright twisting layout.

It supports custom headers, parallax, header buttons, custom logo, custom colors, custom backgrounds, social links, left and right sidebar and custom widgets.

43. iFeature

iFeature is a modern and stylish WordPress theme which is suitable for magazines, business, personal and portfolio websites.

It has a full width background image after your content, a slider at the top.

It includes features like sticky headers, author bio box, multiple widget areas and page templates.

All theme options can be easily set up using drag and drop in live customizers.

44. Natural Lite

Natural Lite is a simple blogging theme with tons of earth. It uses large featured images, supports custom headers and backgrounds.

It comes with multi-column layout and easy customization options.

45. Responsive

Responsive is a beautiful WordPress theme designed for flexibility.

It is suitable for writers, personal websites, photography, and even business websites.

It comes with 9 page templates, 11 widget areas, 6 template layouts, 4 menu positions and much more.

It also includes powerful but simple theme options for easy logo uploads and social networking features.

Responsive WooCommerce compatible, multilingual ready, full RTL language support and translation ready.

46. ​​Hestia

Hestia is a highly flexible free WordPress theme for all types of websites.

It comes with an easy setup wizard, and a companion plugin that adds testimonials and services section to your website.

It's ready to use with the popular free page builder plugin and is ready for WooCommerce outside the box.

The homepage can be easily set up using the Live Theme Customizer where you can add only sections and rearrange them with drag and drop.

47. iRibbon

Looking for an old retro style for your blog? See IRibbon.

This beautiful hippaster theme is designed to invoke nostalgja with retro color scheme and typography.

It includes a full-width background image, 4 different page layouts, typography options

And easy theme setup with drag and drop settings under customizers.

This is perfect for personal websites, blogs, magazines, and fashion websites.

48. Ignite

Ignite is a stylish WordPress blog theme that has a classic blog look.

It comes with two column layouts, a compact top bar used for navigation menu and site title and description.

This post uses mid-size features before the title and uses crisp typography for your better reading experience on your blog.

49. Avant

Avant is a very customizable and free best wordpress themes for blogs which is suitable for all types of websites.

It is ready for e-commerce with full WooCommerce support and content can be used easily to create rich websites as well.

It includes 7 header layouts, 5 blog layouts, 3 footer layouts, unlimited color options and many settings that are well-formed in all WordPress customizers.

It is tested to work with all the popular page builders and other essential WordPress plugins.

50. Responsive Mobile

As the name suggests, Responsive Mobile is a WordPress theme designed with a mobile theme. It looks equally splendid on all devices and screen sizes.

Theme features include 9 page templates, 11 widget areas, 6 template layouts, 4 menu positions, call to action buttons, custom fonts, custom background images, etc.

Suitable for business websites, it is very easy to use and can be installed quickly.

51. Vogue

Vogue is a stylish WordPress theme suitable for fashion, lifestyle and eCommerce websites.

It comes with full WooCommerce support and allows you to easily set up online stores.

It has been well-built in all wordpress customizer, it offers many header layouts, custom WooCommerce designs,

Multiple footer layouts, multiple blog layouts and additional layouts customization and a bunch of full color settings.

52. Magbook

Magbuk is a beautifully designed WordPress theme for rich websites including magazine magazines, newsletters, blogs, etc.

It includes clean layout with many layout options and quick 1-click demo installer.

It comes with ready gallery, gallery and magazine pages to contact us.

Tested with all the popular WordPress plugins, MagBook can also be used to create an online store or a multilingual WordPress site.

53. Conica

Conica is a super flexible WordPress multipurpose theme that can be used to create any type of website.

It includes 2 site layouts, 2 color schemes, 4 header layouts, 5 blog layouts, 3 footer layouts, multiple page templates,

And a bunch of theme options so that you can customize your color and layout settings.

Just so much for now.

We hope this list has helped you find the best free WordPress blog theme for your website.

You may also want to look at these strategic tips to drive traffic to your new WordPress site.

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