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On Page SEO Optimization.

On Page SEO Optimization.

On Page SEO Optimization.

On putting SEO on-tree optimization- content SEO Tips, On Page seo Optimization,the common people hang down very much. You can optimize your existing content.

By doing on-page optimization, your content gets organic traffic _ Organic Traffic, rank is good and can have great earnings.

Whether you have not optimized the content yet, but you can increase your organic traffic on your site by taking some tweaks _ Some tweaks to take advantage.

How to make on-page optimization of your published content? This post is about this.

To optimize the content, you have to keep in mind two things:

- Before you write content, keyword research was done
- or you did not

You will meet these two points of opportunity.


On-Page Optimization in SEO


Situation 1 - Improve optimized content

First you have to see that:

1. Did you make On-Page SEO / On-Page SEO before publishing content?
2. Did I search the best keyword search_best keyword for my site?

You have two options in answer to both questions.

Option 1 - Complete optimization of the content

If you are like me, you have done all the work properly but there is something you have forgotten about.

You can use an on-page SEO checker tool to check on-page optimization, so you know that you have used the keyword in the right place, you have optimized the image and meta tags in the content Yes or No. This will allow you to know the things that you forgot to do.

Option - Search the Best Keywords

It is difficult to accurately report which keyword traffic will increase traffic. The outcome depends on many things. like:

- Keyword popularity
- Keyword Competition
- How accurate your content is to search
- How valid your site is for the specified topic
- And many things ...

Sometimes a lot of keywords get a lot of traffic from a selected keyword. With Google Search Console _ Google Search Console, you will find work information very easily.

Other SEO Article

Let us take an example:

When you sort a site's Google console report for Impressions So you can get less CTR even though the impression is high.

Then what are the more impressions?

After this we will look at the query report for any page. After this, we will again learn to sort the report according to Impresssions, which keyword is giving more impressions.

The top keyword giving more impressions _ Top Keyword is always good. Ignore common keywords like Google, Facebook, Yahoo or any keywords that are very broad. That is, one can also work for another site.

You should focus on keywords that people search by visiting your site and not reaching out to your computer's camper's site.

You should find and compare some related keywords. With this, you will know which keyword to use. You pay more attention to long keywords _ Long tail keywords. This will give you less clicks, but your site will be more in search.

For example, instead of choosing a keyword for Love, you should have a keyword like Love Text Messages. This will give you a big boost.

Situation 2 - Content is not optimized first

This is a very common situation. Many bloggers do not pay attention to SEO since the beginning. If you have not published the content of your site according to the keyword, then you have the opportunity to choose the right keywords and take advantage of it. This will bring organic traffic to your site _ Organic Traffic.

You can also get help from Google Search Console for this work. From where you can find information about the exact keyword.

Here are many things you need to keep in mind:

- Will get more traffic on selected keywords
- What will be the click if there is traffic
- Whether the selected keyword is correct according to your content

If the answer to all the above is yes, then you have to take a look at the keyword's popularity and competition _ Keyword Popularity & Keyword Competition. So that you are more likely to get better rank than before.

Remember to send the signal to the search engine crawlers_ search engine crawlers on the keyword that you choose, about which topic your content is about. You have to experiment by choosing the right keywords for every content on your site. So that every page of your site can get a great rank. Fruit format, search engine crawlers:

- Understand what your content is about
- How accurate is the keyword chosen for your topic
- Decide how and where to rank your content

SEO Content - On-Page Optimization Tips

With the exception of the on-page optimization approach you have adopted, here we are telling you things to keep in mind while optimizing the content.

1. Make priorities according to large impact

Even if you are optimizing your old content and you have to work a lot. But you still have to work very wisely.

There is a need to pay more on those opportunities, from where you are likely to get more traffic.

In the example above you had read that the impression on one page is very high but its CTR is low. Impressions can be a lie according to the popularity of a keyword, because it is not necessary that your site is able to rank well for that keyword. Less CTRs can be increased by optimizing page titles and meta descriptions. Along with that, there is also the advantage of increasing the rank of that page.

2. Do not select broad keywords

On seeing Google Search Console data, you will find many broad keywords _ Broad Keywords which have a lot of impressions.

Broad keyword impressions may appear four times, but you can find the right keyword on Long Tale only.

3. Do not keep keywords separate from content

If you are removing the old keyword and selecting a new keyword, then you need to pay attention to the keyword that does not change the meaning of your content. If that happens then you may have to re-write some part of your content. In this situation it is far better to create a new content rather than an old one.

4. Update Internal Links

When you change the keyword of the content, you also have to update the URL. In such a situation, if you have linked the old link somewhere, then it is also important to change it. Anchor Text of that Internal Link _Internal Link _Anchor Text works great to tell Google about what the content is about. That is why you have to keep the new anchor text accordingly.

5. Update page titles, meta descriptions and images etc.

When you select a new keyword, it is important to type the target keyword _ Target keyword in all the right places. Its on-page SEO checker tool can be used.

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10 Plugin for WordPress

10 Plugin for WordPress

Hello friends! My name is Gaurav Kumar and I am the founder of My website provides information related to blogging today I will tell you for 10 plugin for WordPress in the best.


Hello friends, what's WordPress and how to make a website on it, you know, if your website is on wordpress then you have to know that we have to do anything in the website, we can do it with the help of plugin.


You need to know if you want a WordPress website to do well, but you will not know which angle cones, then let's see 10 WordPress plugins which should be in every WordPress website.


1. AKISMET: This plugin is already delivered in wordpress. This plugin automatically removes spam comments from your website. After activating it, after activating, you have to register on the website of ASKIMET. After registering, you will find an API key that goes to the ASKIMET Configuration page and simply paste this key.


2. Beaver Builder Plugin: Beaver Builder plugin uses webpage to design. By dragging and dropping, you can create your own website pages without any kind of coding.


Beaver Builder Plugin




3. Contact Form 7: Contact page is very important for every website and you can easily create a contact form in your WordPress website with this plugin. Then your visitors will be able to easily contact you on your email.


Contact Form 7




Here's how to create a contact page in Blogger


4. Google analytics & Webmaster: You will need this tool to do SEO. With this plugin you can get your website verified in google. You can submit your website's XML file here.


Google Analytics & Webmaster


5. Jetpack: This is quite a popular and beneficial plugin. Jetpack gives more website widgets as well as the traffic details of your website, which you can use in your website. After installing Jetpack, you can automatically share your post on social media such as facebook, twitter, google +.




6. Postmatic social Commenting: If you want any of your posts that the user can post on the post using your social media, then you can install this plugin.


Note: Wordpress already has the fascility of comment but it is not connected to social media.


Postmatic social Commenting


7. WP Smush: For the speed of SEO and the website, the size of the image should be kam. But Post High Quality is so good SEO of the post. If there is a high quality image then the speed of the website will be slow. WP Smush plugin can automatically reduce the size of the image and keep speed with the quality.


WP Smush


8. Yoast SEO: This plugin has been considered the best for SEO. Keeping all these points in mind, you can do SEO for every single post, keeping in mind the title of the post, meta keyword, Meta description, Focus word.


Yoast SEO


9. WP Super Cache: If you want to fasten your WordPress website, then these plugins can help you with your very root. This clears the caching of the website so that the website loads quickly.


WP Super Cache




10. 2-step verification: Website security is also very important, in order to double the security, you must use the WordPress 2-step verification plugin.


WordPress 2-step verification


Friends, these are some of the special plugins that you can create your website in a good way. Hope you have received this great help from all the people from my post.

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Blogging Tips for Bloggers

Blogging Tips for Bloggers
Blogging Tips For Blogger,I have made many mistakes in my blogging career. And I always try to improve my mistakes as far as I believe, life is very small, so instead of doing your mistakes, you should learn something from others' mistakes.

In this post, I will tell you about some blogging tips that I have made myself and learned from others' mistakes.

Blogging mistek article

1. Visitors do not wait to come to your blog.

If you are thinking that after creating a blog, any visitor waits for your blog to come, then you are thinking wrong.

Because the user is smarter than you. And unless they find your blog helpful, they will not visit your blog daily.

If you want your visitor to wait for your blog to come, you will need to publish content on your blog that will win their mind and force them to visit your blog.

2- All things in Blogging takes a little time.

In blogging you can not be successful in the shortcut way as it can take time for everything to happen. In order to get traffic to Google by indexing your post, increasing Twitter followers, gaining good revenue from Google Adsense, there is a lot more to do, which can be time consuming in blogging.

Therefore, the work done in hurrying can harm you. Viewing blogging stats 20 hours every hour will not work.

3- Google easily recognizes good content.

If you are thinking that you can fool Google, then you are thinking wrong. Because Google is smarter than you.

So while your content is not good and quality, your post will not rank at the top of Google. Google bots easily recognize spam and spam content.

So do not ever try to fool Google. Always put good content on blog so that Google likes your blog and index it quickly.

4- There is a lot of disadvantage in Regular Blog update.

The main reason for most people failing in blogging is to do regular Blog Update.

If you think that after you update 1-2 post in a week, your blog will be successful, then you remove this thing from your heart.

If you start a new blog then you should keep updating that blog on daily basis on a daily basis. If you daily update your blog then you will have two advantages.

The first advantage is that once you visit your blog, it will become your regular reader and it will come daily to read a new post on your blog, due to which the traffic of your blog will increase.

And the second advantage is that Google likes the blog or the website too much, which keeps updating something everyday. Therefore daily updating will increase ranking in your search engine and you will get more traffic from the search engine.

5- You can not get overnight success in blogging

When you start blogging, take care of one thing that blogging is a long-term investment. Where you can not get success in one day or one month.

You can take time to be successful in blogging. As far as blogging is concerned, business traffic of your blog gradually increases since 30 good articles.

In other words, as much content as you write and publish in blogging, the better you will get results. Good things are not available in this world very quickly, so you can also find time to be successful in blogging.

In this way we can say that blogging is a long-term investment business. Where you get success, but you do not get Overnight success here.

6- Writing and Editing only does not require blogging.

If you are creating a business blog then you do not need writing and editing skills only.

Apart from this, there are many things about which you should keep good information. You should come to understand the data by analyzing the data and according to it, it should also come and do not have to do.

Along with this you should come to re-design your blog. There should also be a call-to-action in your content and in addition to these you should also get email marketing and social media marketing.

All these things are many things that you should know about. So, after starting blog, try writing about all these things in addition to writing and editing.

To create a successful business blog, you should know every little thing about blogging.

7- Never stop learning

Blogging is something that nobody can ever learn to complete.

If you are going to blogging and you know a bit about blogging then do not ever think that you have got complete knowledge of blogging. And now you do not need to learn anything in blogging.

If you think so, then your blog will never be successful because no one can keep complete information about blogging. The main reason for this is that there is something changing in the blogging daily. And new things come in daily blogging. So if you want to run your blog successful then you should learn about new things about daily blogging.

8- The theme of the new blog is very matter

When I started my first blog, I did not pay much attention to the theme of the blog.

And I used to use a very annoying theme in my blog. Then one day I met a professional blogger named Sheikh Aslam.

In between, both of us started talking about blogging while Sheikh Aslam opened my blog and after seeing the theme of my blog, I became fascinated and started looking at me. Then Sheikh Aslam told me about the Importance of the theme of a blog by quiet nature and also suggested a good theme to me and then I uploaded the theme of their theme to my blog.

When I changed the theme of my blog, after 1 month of my blog there was a lot of improvement in my blog. Therefore, the theme of the new blog is a lot of matter. You should choose the theme of your blog very well.

I told you about 8 great points that you should keep in mind when starting a new blog.

Apart from these, there is a blogging tip that should be kept in mind while starting a new blog. So you share it in the comment box. Along with this, do not forget to share this post with a new blogger.

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How to install WordPress theme from WordPress Dashboard?

How to install WordPress theme from WordPress Dashboard?

One of the major benefits of WordPress is that it is very easy to use. You do not need technical knowledge to learn WordPress.How to install WordPress theme from WordPress Dashboard?

You will initially spend a few hours relaxing to understand the WordPress dashboard and its tips and tricks. Here at we also share the basic and advanced tutorials of WordPress so that your life can be easy on WordPress.

Today I am going to share a guide with you so that you can learn how to install WordPress theme from the WordPress dashboard. So let's start this tutorial.

How to install theme from WordPress Dashboard?

You can always search for WordPress theme directly from the WordPress theme repo, or you can download a .zip file and then install it.

I am a fan of premium WordPress themes, because they offer better features and functionality than free themes, and mostly free wordpress theme and premium theme club let you download .zip file of theme and you can install it.

So to make things asana, I suppose that you have downloaded the .zip file of the theme.

How to install wordpress Plugin

So once you have downloaded the WordPress theme, please log into your WordPress dashboard. Click on Appearance> Theme. Click on Install theme.

On the next page, click on upload and it will take you to the upload theme screen. Simply click on browse, and locate the .zip file of the wordpress theme you downloaded.

Select and click on Install Now. It will take a minute or two, depends on the size of your theme and how much your internet speed is. Once this happens, it will show you the installed theme screen.

Before activating the theme, you can click on "Live Preview" so that you know how it looks before activating for everyone. Once you get satisfied with the look and feel it, you can click on Activate.

Your newly installed theme will be live for public. If you want to make some changes before the theme is live on your site, you can use the theme test drive WordPress plugin.

Another way to install WordPress theme is to upload it directly via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), but it is a long process and it is useful when you do not have a .zip file of your theme.

I will write a tutorial on how to manually install theme via FTP.

I hope this tutorial will help beginners, one step closer to coming closer to WordPress.

Also if you like this post, please share it. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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Use of CloudFlare Flexibel SSL on WordPress site

Use of CloudFlare Flexibel SSL on WordPress site
Use of CloudFlare Flexibel SSL on WordPress site: As it would be common for you, Google has used HTTPS_HTTPS as a ranking factor to get a position in the search engine rank.

This means that if your website is open on HTTPS _ HTTPS in place of HTTP _ HTTP, then this website can get a good rank in Google. This way, the page view of your website can grow.

It was a while ago that the use of HTTPS used to be expensive and had to be installed by buying SSL certificates _ SSL Certificate. I thank Cloudfellow that they have given free version of HTTPS, which is also easy to put on the website.

Setting up the CloudFlare Flexibel SSL

Setting Up Cloudflare Flexible SSL

1. Create account on CloudFlare
2. Select Free Plan
3. Add your domain to your own here
4. After that you click on the domain name
5. Then click on the icon of crypto _ crypto
6. On this page you select the first option Flexible SSL _ FLexible SSL

After doing this, the Flexible SSL certificate will be issued for your website, which takes a little time. As soon as the SSL certificate is issued, the message will appear on the green button.

Installing CloudFlare Flexible SSL on WordPress

Using Cloudflare Flexible SSL on WordPress

After that, you have to let your site's WordPress address and site address remain HTTP. After this you will have to install the following plugins. This plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Dashboard or this link.

CloudFlare Flexibel SSL Plugin

Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin

This plugin is essential for installing CloudFlare Flexible SSL on WordPress. This prevents you from getting entangled in your Infinite Redirect Loop website.

WordPress HTTPPS plugin

WordPress HTTPS Plugin

This plugin proves to work in the situation when all the links on your website are not HTTPS, it brings them to HTTPS. This plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Dashboard or this link.

Setting up the WordPress HTTPPS plugin


Setting Up WordPress HTTPS Plugin

1. Go to the settings of the plugin.
2. Justify the proxy settings.
3. Save the changes after this.

Creating Page Rule in CloudFlare

Create Cloudflare Always Use HTTPS Page Rule

By creating page rules, you direct CloudFlare that the contents of your site are served from HTTPS.

1. Go to CloudFlare.
2. Click on your domain.
3. Click on the Page Rules icon.
4. Then click on the Create Page Rule _ Create Page Rule button.
5. Then type your website URL this way.*
6. Now click on Add a setting _ Add a Setting and select Always option HTTPS option.
7. To save this change press Save & Deploy button of Save and Deploy.

Change wordpress site address

Change WordPress Site Address to HTTPS

Eventually start site address with HTTP instead of HTTP. But let WordPress stay the address. If you do not do this then your site will break.

Checking CloudFlare Flexibel SSL

Testing Cloudflare Flexiable SSL

After making the full changes, you can close your site and re-open it. If there is a green lock in the web browser then your site has got SSL certificates.

If it does not happen then wait a little while and still do not, then complete the incomplete setting by checking all the changes mentioned above.

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Bloggers will have to pay GST return from 1 July 2017

Bloggers will have to pay GST return from 1 July 2017
So far, the blogging community had no place in the Indian tax system. But in GST i.e., GST - Goods and Services Tax bloggers have been brought to the Indian tax system.Bloggers will have to pay GST return from 1 July 2017.

Some rules have been made under which bloggers will have to pay GST return. This is because many bloggers earn money from Google ads or Flipkart and Amazon Affiliate programs.

Bloggers in new GST have been included to fill GST returns. No tax registration in this tax system takes huge penalties.

By publishing this article, we are looking forward to helping bloggers. In this article, we have tried to include all the major points associated with GST.

What is blogging? How did bloggers fill tax before GST?

Writing online content in simple language is blogging. Perhaps today, all the companies present on the Internet have created a blog to deliver information about people, products and services to the people.

When the content of the blog is searched in the search engine, the visitors grow on the blog, and blog traffic becomes popular due to increase in blog traffic. If there is more traffic on the blog then it can be monetized by placing advertisements.

In Indian Taxation Law, there is a tax on earnings made from advertisements, so advertisements made from blogs come within the scope of tax.

But in the old service tax law, it has not been clearly told that service tax registration is necessary or not necessary for such bloggers.

Most of us earn money from bloggers from abroad. The payment sent by Google AdSense does not come from Google India and comes from Google Asia Pacific Singapore.

The old service tax system will expire soon and instead it will introduce new Goods and Services Tax since 1 July 2017.

GST registration and tax for bloggers

Bloggers will have to pay GST return from 1 July 2017. The new GST Law is very clear that who should register under it.

According to the Central GST Act, the person who is earning from outside the state or outside the country will have to register the GST and the exemption limit will not be applicable to it.

In other words, there is a discount of up to 20 lakh for small dealers and service providers working within the state limits.

But people earning from abroad, such as bloggers, require GST registration and will not get a discount.

In addition, according to GST, the blogging service is kept inside the online information and database access or retrieval service.

Penalty on non-registration

If a blogger does not get a GST registration, then it will take two types of penalties.

Not to register - up to Rs. 25,000
Non filing of returns - Rs 100 per day

Bloggers will not get a discount of 20 lakhs

As I mentioned above, bloggers who are earning outside their state or abroad, they will not get the benefit of the rebate given to earning up to 20 lakhs.

Will the bloggers have to fill GST returns?

Yes, now bloggers in India will have to fill GST returns. Because bloggers now earn from India and not only earn from outside India and therefore, it will not be considered as a service export.

This will make it mandatory for all bloggers who make more than Rs 20 lakh annually to fill the GST return. But if you are earning in dollars then earning 1 dollar will also have to pay a GST return.

Apart from this, if you earn anything out of the house, then you have to verify that the payment is export service or not.

When will the income from the blog be considered as an export service?

- Blogger does blogging in India.
- The service provider lives outside India. If you receive payments from Google India, then it will not be considered as an export service. So you have to give GST.
- The place you are giving your service is outside India. The place to provide service has been given in detail in detail.
- The payments that the blogger gives to the service are available after the foreign exchange.

If these things apply to you, then blogging will be treated as Income Support Service and you will not have to give 18% GST.

When the service was given outside India or India


The Blogger, which is providing its services, will be considered in India if at least two of the below conditions are met.

1. The person who receives service from the internet or the company's address has tax rules.

2. Credit card or debit card or store value card or charge card or smart card or any other card through which Blogger's service provider pays its payment, the rules of tax apply to the address at which the address is issued.

Apart from this, the recipient / service provider ...

3. Tax rules are applicable on the billing address.

4. The Internet protocol of the device comes in the taxable area.

5. The bank account used for the payment comes in the taxable area.

6. The country code of the Subscriber Identity Module card is of the taxable area.

7. Fixed landline location comes in the taxable area.

Simple words, if any of the above two conditions are mentioned together, then blogging will not be treated as a service export. Hence, exemption from GST will not be available.

How much is GST tax for bloggers?

Bloggers will have to give 18% GST tax on income above 20 lakhs. Adsense income and foreign affiliate marketing professionals who earn less than Rs 20 lakh, also have to register a GST and fill the quarterly returns.

When will GST be paid on AdSense?

Some important things are that if you apply it, then the Adsense Income will not be considered within the Export of Services. Please read the next post carefully - when you get 18% GST on the AdSense income.

What documents do bloggers need to register for GST?

1. Blogger's photos

- Proprietor photo when proprietorship
- Photo of Managing Partner / Designated Partner on being firm / LLP
- Photo of Managing Director / Whole Time Director on Company

2. Certificate of Registration

- Partnership Deed on being a Partnership Firm
- LLP and registration certificate for the company
- Documents are not required when they are proprietorship

3. Certificate of Business Key Address

- If you have a property then electricity bill, tax receipt or property tax receipt or registry document
- If the rental is a property then the bill of the agreement with the agreement of the agreement or lease agreement,
- If you are neither owner nor on rent, copy of NOC with electricity bill

4. Other papers


- Scanned copy of bank statement or bank passbook; Cancellated check on which name, bank account number, MICR, IFSC and branch data and codes

- Authorization Form

Compilation after GST registration

After GST registration, bloggers will have to do this work regularly every three months.

- Outward Returns (Sales Returns) must be filed by the 10th of the Falling Month
- Inward Returns (Purchase Returns) must be filed by the 15th of the Falling Month
- Consolidated Returning Fellows will be filled up by 20th of the month
- All urgent tax filling will be filled up by 20th of the month
- Every single invoice (receipt) will be uploaded on the official portal

Will the bloggers get the benefit of the composition scheme?

Small traders and dealers now earning up to Rs 1.5 crore now get the benefit of the composition scheme. According to which they have to work on quarter-line instead of every month. Apart from this, 18% of total revenue is taxed and 2% is taxed.

Because the earnings of bloggers are mostly of Interstate Service Nature (between two or more states), the benefits of the Composition Scheme will not be applicable to Indian bloggers, i.e. the quarterly GST return will be required.

Visit the official website of GST registration for more information.


I have tried to cover every important aspect related to bloggers' GST. Despite this, GST is very complex, so even after reading this article, understand it with your CA. If you have questions about GST then ask us by commenting.

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Blogging Tips for Beginners in English - You Can Also Create Your Blog

Blogging Tips for Beginners in English - You Can Also Create Your Blog
What is Blogging?

The blog or website does not make much difference.Blogging Tips for Beginners in English - You Can Also Create Your Blog.

When we regularly send our thoughts or information to the people through the website, then this process is called Blogging and that website can be called blog.

Today life is online. More than 100 million websites and blogs are present today. In simple terms, blog is a platform for bringing your voice to the whole world.

Any businessman, writer, poet, journalist, musician, player, teacher, doctor, employee, student or anyone who wants to connect with the world can be his blog or website and can bring his ideas to the world.

For example, if someone has a business in the hotel, then he can make a website of his hotel in which he can provide information about his hotel and can also offer online booking.

In the same way a poet or author can make his blog reach his thoughts or poems to thousands of millions or else a teacher can create a blog and publish the study tips, notes and good material on it.

Blogging is fantastic: Blogging is Incredible

Blogging itself is a great area. Through this we not only help others, but also help us by ourselves. For example, when I think of writing a new article for, then research the internet everywhere about it and write something after collecting all the information. This gives me new information every day, which works very much in my everyday life. If I write an inspirational story, then it affects me first and after that this story affects the lives of thousands of people.

Self-satisfaction with blogging is because as we help people, they are doing the work which we like.

Make Money From Blog: Earning From Blogs

Blog's income depends on the number of visitors. Today blogging is emerging as a career and there are many bloggers who are earning millions of rupees every month from their blogs.

The main earnings of the blog are from advertisements and Google Adsense is the best way to earn. By creating an account in Google Adsense, you can put Google AdSense code on your blog, which will start displaying ads. After that whenever a visitor clicks on the ad, then every click gets $ 0.03 to $ 100 +, depending on the quality of the website, location of visitor, keywords, and so on.

Blog In English - Make Blog In English

If you start a blog in Hindi then it will be good on gold because it will boost our national language Hindi which is lagging on the internet.

Today everything is available on the internet but it is not all in Hindi. If you create a blog in English, then your blog will succeed only if you type something that is the best because thousands of blogs and websites are already available in English.

But if you make any blog in Hindi then it is more likely to be successful because Hindi has very few Quality Blogs. And most importantly, this will make you work for the rise of the national language Hindi, because Hindi has gone backward on the internet today.

Now Google Adsense (which is considered the best tool of earning from the blog) also supports Hindi so that Hindi bloggers can also earn from their blogs.

More than 500 million people speak Hindi all over the world, and only 10-20% of them are using the internet, but in the next 3 years the number will be doubled, so the future of blogs in Hindi on the internet is golden. |

Anyone Can Start A Blog: Anyone Can Make Blogs

You do not necessarily need programming for blogging or you have studied computer science. If you have basic knowledge about computer and internet, then you can create your own blog because there is a great platform like "Wordpress" for blogging, so that a normal person can also create his own blog.

When I started the blog, I did not know much about computer's basic knowledge and blogs. Whenever I have any problems related to the blog, I search for it on the Internet and find its solution and continuously improves my blog.

Hard Working: Blogging Requires Hard work

You can not expect earnings from 6 to 8 months of making a blog. Blogging is like a fruit tree in which fruit takes only 1-2 years but this blog form tree has to be culled every day like a small child. Blogging has to learn something new every day and work harder. Most new bloggers fail because they do not follow the rules of blogging and do not try to learn something new.

Just like working hard in a company, hard work is needed to make the blog a success. But working in the company, we work for the company, but in blogging we work for ourselves, therefore we get a feeling of satisfaction.

Many people make a blog by thinking that they will copy articles from the internet and put them on their blog and this is why their blog is not successful. Publishing the content copied to your blog is the first step to fail in blogging. If you publish an article on your blog that is copied from another blog then the search engine reduces the page rank of your entire blog. Gives your blog a lag.

That's why blogs should be made only if you can solve people's problems and give useful information through your great articles.

Most Important Blogging Tips: The Most Important Thing

To create a blog, you do not need to come to Computer Science, but before doing anything in Blogging, you need to gather the necessary information on the internet or you may have to take it. There are millions of websites and help fonts available on blogging on internet, so you can get any information or solve any problem by searching on the internet. But if you do anything on your blog without any information, then there may be any technical problem that can water all your hard work.

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Alexa Rank Tips to Improve.

Alexa Rank Tips to Improve.
Alexa rank tips to improve.After the Google Page Rank, you must have heard of Alexa Rank. Many advertising agencies pay great attention because it directly relates to your blog traffic. The lesser the Alexa rank is the traffic of your blog.

Google is no longer updating the page rank. But there are many metrics in the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Motion Rank, Quantcast, etc. which can determine the rank and value of a blog. These factories are updated once in a month, Alexa Rank is updated daily. Everyone should keep an eye on their Alexa rank and keep trying to reduce it to less than 1 lakh.

Whether you believe it or not, many advertisers still count the popularity of a blog by seeing its Alexa Rank. The blog which is as low as a Alexa Rank, can get the maximum ad advertisement on its site.

What is alexa rank? is now an analytics company that ranks every site and blog based on their traffic and other parameters. Alexa Rank is updated every day, the lower the rank the more popularity. A low rank means that the site whose Alexa Rank is 100 is better than the 101 Alexa Rank site. It's like coming first in class.

How do Alexa rank look.

You must have been a little shocked but Alexa ranks based on an invalid survey. Alexa ranks only those sites that install their toolbar in their web browser, or put their widget on their site.

Those who are serious about blogging also take Alexia serials and use their toolbars, we also recommend you install it.

SEO friendly article.

How to reduce alexa rank.

Alexa Rank can be reduced by installing Alexa Toolbar and increasing traffic. Increasing traffic Depends on your writing and content sharing. I give some tips that will be helpful.

1. Do not ignore social media.

Today almost all are on Facebook and there are many groups in Facebook that have active members in thousands of active members. Share your post in an active group with a topic related to your blog, this will give you a lot of readers and the final traffic will increase your site.

2. Focus on Google+

Many people are not using Google+ but there is enough number of active people who can become readers of your blog. That's why you should make Google Plus Collection and share your post with them by joining the Communities.

3. Increase Blog Charm.

Anyone who is blogging or wants to make a blog wants to know more about blogging, so you should keep a section of blogging tips on your blog while targeting such people. So that people come to know something on your blog. If you do not do this, you can also share your blogging experience. Any compilation, any free ebook downloads or something like this can be kept.

4. Use Alexa Pro Service.

When your income starts earning and traffic becomes good, then you can take advantage of the Alexa Pro service. This can give your blog a lot of help.

Those who fax on content building, their Alexa rank continues to grow without any distraction. If you try our tips carefully, this will give you full help in reducing your Alexa Rank by 1 Lakh.

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Adsense is working to complete guide in English.

Adsense is working to complete guide in English.
What is AdSense & how does it work?

Adsense is working to complete guide in English. And how can you make money from Adsense? Many people know this too and many people want to know. If you are from those people who have heard a little about Adsense, and how Adsense works, you want to know, you are in the right place.

I will tell you all how Adsense works, and how to earn money online from Adsense.

Google Adsense Alternatives

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a Google program, with the help of which publishers can add Adsense ads to its content, and earn money from it.

If you are a publisher then you have a website or youtube channel, you can make an Adsense account and earn money by placing ads on it.

Adsense ads tend to fit according to content, such as photos, text, and video etc.

How does Google Adsense work?

Google has a program called AdWords, which works inversely from Adsense. As you have to advertise something, you have to advertise your AdWords ads by paying Google money.

Now that you have websites, or youtube channel, ads are placed on it. It happens that Google Adsense displays their ads to the traffic that comes in, and Google Adsense gives us money as a beneficiary.

32% of all ads that Google sees, keep Adsense and give 68% of the website or YouTube channel you own.

Now you know that Google has created its own program, and whoever has ads, gives it another. And someone else sees it, Google manages all this program.

How to earn money from Google Adsense

If you want to earn money from Google Adsense, you should have a malicious choice on which to apply its ads, you should have a website or youtube channel.

If you have one of these two, you can create an account on Google Adsense. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that the policy of Google Adsense is very strict.

I would like to inform you that you read the policy of Google Adsense very carefully.

When to Apply for Google Adsense Account

Making Adsense account is very easy. To approve an Adsense account, we should have content that allows our Adsense account Google to approve as soon as possible. Now it's a website or youtube channel.

When should you apply for Adsense account for the website?

If you have a website, then at least five upgrades should be increased content, increasing design and enhanced navigation should be done, and it is very important to have pages like contact us, privacy and policy, deseclaimer and about us. Only then can you gain approval of Adsense.

When to apply for Youtube channel Adsense account?

First make a channel on Youtube and verify the channel immediately, and apply for Adsense. But now the channel should have more than 10000+ views, then only ads will appear on your video and your channel should be in good stending, so you can connect your channel to Adsense.

How is earning from Adsense?

So far, you may have known that Adsense is an Ad Network. By joining, we can show ads on our website or youtube channel, and with its help, we can earn money.

Anyone who earns from Adsense is advertising only. And Ads are also of different types. Such as link ad, display ad and video ads

Now it is, like we have put ads on our website, so if someone opens our website, they will see those ads. And if he likes it, he will also click on it. Just Google Adsense pays for us. OK is the same kind of youtube.

When does Google Adsense give us money?

Now it comes to our earnings that has become Google Adsense, how will we get it?

When ads are displayed on our website or youtube channel, earnings from our Adsense will start, and when our earnings reach $ 10, we have to give Google Adsense information about our payments. Such as our bank details

After you give your payment details as soon as your $ 100 is enough. Then, Google Adsense, your earnings, is credited to your bank account on the 21st of the month.

Last Word

Now you must know what Google Adsense is, and how Google Adsense works, and how it earns, how Google Adsense sends us our earnings.

If you have any question or suggestion about Google Adsense, you can ask us by commenting.

Thank you ....

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My Ads Adsense Blog for Blogger Post.

My Ads Adsense Blog for Blogger Post.

Hello Blogger Adsense is the money or money you have to make money through a blog. If you have to go to ads anywhere in any country, then please click me or click here to earn interest from AdSense What do I post? My Ads Adsense Blog for Blogger Post.


If I want to earn JD from Adsense, then after the post of ads adsense I have become lagnaan. You too had come in the way. Q has failed. Please login me to earn money from Adsense


If you use Blog WordPress to plugin your blog, you can jabber and ad ads can do anything as well. If you are a blogger for quick blogging on blogs, then you have come to the tutorial that people who are hacked, even for blog posts for adsense ads, people go to anything.


If you would like to advertise to me to post a blog on your blog, then we can advertise you for it, for this post I have become HTML, I can also copy the code of the Ham war to contact us. Let's see the big monastery is Papa's work. Let's see, we are both realistic about telling people anywhere in AdSense ads.


AdSense Advertising Let me post what to do


Now I have to adhere to my face or I am doing my duty. You have to do it. This is one thing that in the template of my blog, I am in the fresh mind to do all the work to edit a lot of code. ..Let's start.


Step 1: The Most False Blogger. Com Let me go to the dashboard of my blog to log in, then go to the section of the template.


Note: If I get a template editable, then I would like to back up the eMail tape.
Step 2: Template ke section me aane ke baad Edit HTML par click kare.


Step 3: Ab Editor me Click karke Ctrl+F dabaye or fir ye code search kare


Step 4: Now search the code code and get the templates that you have in the code. You can have a bhoot war, I have a template, which is equal to 2 numbers.


Note: If I work on the second number then I work for the third code and the template to use me


Step 5: AB Hammane <Data: Post.BD /> was discovered We need to change the changing new code.


Step 6: Click here to add the Amazon address code to the code. I change <data: post.body /> uski jagha in the template and again a template has been changed to save it.


Step 7: Even after liking the post, I am known to see the post editor's HTML, so adsense ads are available anywhere, you have to put this code.


Note: If you use short codes then post me to post to me will get automatic debit by the title of High Voc.


Traffic for Firefonds Big blogging from blogging to blogs or blog posts, I would like to go to the ads or thank you for the earnings.


I also advertise ads for posting to me or if you have any advertising or company ad, then you can also do a few lessons.


If you have any demands, please share it with your friends, or you also comment to comment.


Ummid, you got a jar fame from your own. ? Happy blogging ...

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What is seo? | SEO caches to make site ranks.

What is seo? | SEO caches to make site ranks.

Hello Blogger, What is seo? | SEO caches to make site ranks. If you are blogging me or have a new website or blog, then you are definitely going to be "SEO". Do you have the power to be strong in my mind, what is SEO, or the SEO Cate Cartay is for me to search the website?


You have to post a simple posting, I'm going to give you, what is SEO, Kays for SEO or what kind of SEO are the search engines (Google) on the site are my friends.


If you also start blogging now or are talking with you that you can search to search on your site, then do you need SEO or that kit is important, you do not know.


I am starting the issue post from Hm Buck original, so whichever new one is, for the sake of the society, or whatever subject of SEO, I am in The only share is the UK link after my post I won.


What is seo?


What is seo: SEO means (search engine optimization).


What is the search engine optimization for my search engine optimization by searching on your website whether the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) or search for me?


You have come to know that we do anything to search for Google to find out that the links to the site have been detected, SEO is Google, so that I have a Hamari site on my site. When I find a search result to search a site


What's for the SEO kit?


The matlab of SEO is in the society with you, talk about the search engine on the site, for the sake of the society, it is your marriage .. but also my brother's marriage .. crossed either sees two different things:


1. On Page SEO
2. Off Page SEO


# 1 on page SEO


What is SEO on the page, would you have come to the society only by name? What about SEO on the site of SEO, then we can use a search engine for a page on the site, what is it, or the UK Look for


As a SEO on the page, let me explain in detail that I tell one thing, you can read. What if there is a page on what will be the use of the society or your website to make 60% of the work.


What happens to me on page SEO:


Title Mata Description ParamelKeywordInteractive link content length image optimizationSite loading loading speed


You are SEO my friend on my page, what is the matab or kyaz they use so that you can go to my website after the SEO page SEO.


# 2 Off Page SEO


What is the page of seo, he will sung the society by some name, seo who are hacking from the page. Whatever the call on the multab site, whatever the person says, the page will do SEO for me.


I can contact me on any site or I can visit the site by visiting the site and contacting the site.


Off-site SEO is what it does or postes it in detail in the UK, then you can get HHHP, if you go to the page for SEO on the page, you can be out of the page.


Off Page SEO What I Know:


Backlink (High Quality Backlink) Social Signal Post Exchange Exchange Paid Promotion Directory Submissions Pinging Forum Send Site Map to Google


All the pages of SEO are my friends or even those who click on the page, take the lane to search the site and close all the pages.


In the end:


If you are new or you do not have Jana information of SEO, you can use SEO of Search Engine Optimization for you to continue working, so I know that we have some search engines I will search the site for the sake of society or in search.


To post above I have to add a link to useful articles, you can go to search for your SEO, search for me. I started by saying or I found my address.


What is the most important page SEO or page SEO to contact us or you can apply to the blog / website on your website. There is a point for SEO on the page that what kind of problem you have ..


If you came to page SEO society, then you will be able to do the work of the world, if there is any such thing then you are able to digest to comment.


When the page can be talked about SEO, or if I know about a point to implementing my site for my site, then what does it mean that I have it off-page SEO .. Page Off SEO Thanks for your friends, the man goes back to the main backlink ..


After all, if you are a SEO or if you love the society, then you tell me that there is no place for me, the site is not me, I am not here.


I am not very thankful to me or for SEO, or if you have learned SEO, then I can do it in 15 days, SEO wants to say a lot to me. ?


If you have any strength, then you are able to do so or you used to get the job.

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Which Blogger or WordPress is Better and Why?

Which Blogger or WordPress is Better and Why?

Which Blogger or WordPress is Better and Why?

If you have to do blogging or have an apni blog / website, then you are sakken, then you will tell about the blogs posted on the blog through blogger blog, for the stress I experience my experience, you are good or qi you do To become a blog / website for yourself alone by conniving white bloggers or WordPress.


First of all, what is the question, do you want to be your website / blog, we are doing it by ourselves, to earn money online, share whatever talents you have, or even something ..


I would like to compare myself to every point point plate or if you select the condition of condition or need for Q, then are you with your blog / website?


Know blogger or wordpress best or why?


# 1: Use my poster to blogger or wordpress


If you are new or you have less technical knowledge then you can use your bloggers. I am not a Parsi. I will not need any of your technical work. Surf is a little too where I do a lot of work. .


To use WordPress, it is important to have a technical knowledge. Qi Imme Hame lets me install WordPress hosting or any technical terminology too .. But unless you find me searching for my tutorial also Go ..


Simple subdomain I blogged to Quah blogger I will not have to make any mistake in you. Or create a normal JC Facebook account. UTN only makes blog your blog to create a blog from you.


# 2: Price - WordPress VS Blogger


Blogger is absolutely free or do not give us a single rupee in it. It means that you can create blog without searching.


WordPress is also open source software, but we have purchased this hosting hosting blog for WordPress which pays for money.


# 3: More feature types are blogger or wordpress


If you put an article on your blog then you can do it with anger, you can give your MySpace or Blogger facility to facilitate your hard, who tell me that it is something to use Not yet but can not add anything ..


WordPress has me to install the plugin to install the plugin.


# 4: Whether SEO is friendly or either Blogger or WordPress


Seo means search engine optimization is not just Donano speaking, what has he searched for me


Post meta detailsquality postquality backlink


Or everything Donone has become me or I have no end .. Do you get a Gallup from being a Jana SEO Friendly or not ..


Crosswordpress is the only way to add additional features to me. I want to know about the UI plugin for the same plugin, when I set up a keyword, I know that this automatic power has gone Which keyword has the density to post to me.


After living up to the keyword density, I tell about SEO that even my life is my name.


I do not make any difference to make SEO easy and easy, but SEO has not used the plugin for WordPress.


# 5: Safe to Blogger or WordPress


For any website, 100% safe can talk about security on any website. Official sites are hacks that have hacking. To save the entire site from hacking, then I also got ham because of security arrangements for everyone .


This blog for blogger's blog blog, Hammer Simple Hammer is logging in with Gmail ID because it creates a great blog. But WordPress has been advised of any kind of configuration or if there is anything wrong with the header, then the hacker gets messed up.


It means to say or pick up the steps for ham protection, it is not easy to hack.

You can use WordPress plugins to protect my security or to defame WordPress. Like Wordfence ..

Blogger does not hack the site, if it compares to your website. For blogger's security system, you can blog from your blog whether there is a share or you have access to the main email address for your own site Can. Hacking is impossible by a taxi. The blogger's blog has a security risk or a shared media share or read your blog's.


# 6: Blogger or WordPress is restricted to prevent high quality volley websites


A general website whose enhanced design gave the Kenyan a great deal of donation or you can visit a website's website, you can choose features specifically for your WordPress. Apart from this, you can add some extra to Blogger on any additional blogger.


Blogger has to upload Hmmm also full blogger templates for designing.




I am giving you the face of Christ, it is a long time on the stage that I have something to do with me. But now you have gone to Aurja to create your own site for your tales.


I am giving you the face of Christ, it is a long time on the stage that I have something to do with me. But now you have gone to Aurja to create your own site for your tales.


I suggest that if you do not have a blog to create blog for Blogger, then you are either free or free or you have a blog, and if you become a blogger for blogger on blogger then you will be able to transfer WordPress You can transfer to WordPress. WordPress gets WordPress Cause Transfer, UK UK has expanded to the United States expansion, so when you want it to be featured in the Thad Jada feature Chuyen Muja or me UK Distributing over from some money will be so Liziange you do yours.


Blogger Q is the Best Of Its 13 Reasons To


Table Blogger VS WordPress


                                                       Blogger   WordPress
Easy to use on me.                           1                   0
Money what in the low activities.   1                   0
More Feature                                      0                   1
Security what more you.                   1                  0
Which is good for SEO.                      0                  1
High Quality Website।                        0                  1
Total Points।                                        3                  3


The duo has become clear by now, what is the best blogger or wordpress ... if Alva is also a member, then you are sure to comment or you do not forget that what the person likes or forgets.

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10 Blogging Mistakes You Have "The End" Car Of The Blog.

10 Blogging Mistakes You Have "The End" Car Of The Blog.
10 Blogging Mistakes You Have "The End" Car Of The Blog. Do you know about somebody who uses blogger berries? Agar My Honesty does not have any blog from Yahoo!, which has not made any mistakes in the journey of pure blogging. I do not have any person perfect. Every person makes a lot of mistakes and teaches his life.

If you have anything to do for me, then you can make yourself a mistake. If you make a mistake in your friend, make sure to work for you to work that you will love me, I have got success The chances are the jet jets.

Every blogger is my fault in my blogging life, but it is not so in professional bloggers that you have accepted the mistake. Blogging is one of the mistakes I made, every mistake you learn. Today's Ich post I will share some very difficult points to you. Jesco has done many blogging blogs. Mai ummed Karta, You will read these points carefully and work on one thing because it is better that you will do it.

Agarkar You do not know that you have been exposed to Mac Yakin that you can ignore the blog, the date of "The End" is the same.

10 Blogging Mistakes You Have the Power to End Your Blog-

Mistake 1: Blogging through lazy (lazy)

Latey's MTL is eighty hot. If you are busy for blogging, then you are a big mistake, because blogging can make you end up with blogging.

I have become a blogger who has all my own self. For blogging to say that bloggers are very lazy and they are very lazy, they do not do a lot of blogging. An unlawful blogger is not updating on the regular basis of his blog, finds that great and supportive content is still loved and there is a lot of work that is a shameful blogger.

A lazy person comes to do every single thing to do. But you can also know that whatever I liked I have not got success. If you achieve your goal, then do the kern to get away from the kern.

You do not have the success of blogging is easy to do. It's hundreds of people who are working hard to get to work with Blogger Yuri. Izaliyas save their own kin and keel and are working hard with full focus on their work.

Laziness is the power to destroy the online business by eliminating your career. Focus on your work the latest day of your brain.

Mistake 2: Non-maintenance of post frequency

Post Frequency plays a very neutral role for a blog. Post frequency is MTL, that is, we publish your blog article by kissing. If you update your blog regularly for a plan, you can ignore your blog to read your blog to see your blog. You have to fix the carnation while publishing artwork on your blog and you can publish 1 artistic from the work of the dial.

Must be read: Before publishing the post, check first 9 points

You can publish articles of your daily 1 article to your visitors, also go to your blog daily to do 1 article also. Traffic, revenues and Alexa rankings also fall prey to those who do not keep post-frequencies. The blog post frequency for online business is very important to keep your blog post frequency in order to continue your blog.

Mistake 3: Repeat remarks not too logical

Some of Maine's Hindi bloggers are watching that they comment on their blog with very few takers and play again. Blogging tells me about such a bad feature that you do a lot of work in. Agar You do not have to play any again with the comments for Bengali on the blog, so you can tell the regular readers of your blog. You can comment about your blog that a professional blogger's clips are released.

Agar to comment on the blog, you want to play your logo again, that your people will become a bigger relationship together and see their readers through their close blog about their marriage relationship. .

Besides the relationship with the comment, there is another trust of the people. You should play the replay again for the value of every comment on your blog. My hope is that you will make a mistake by commenting very quickly from your blog.

Mistake 4: Email List No Building Particle

If talking 20% ​​to 20% of top English blogger income is talking to email marketing. But Hindi Blogger does not have the power of e-mail marketing. If you use affiliate marketing to earn money from your blog, then affiliate marketing for email marketing is very high.

Bloggers can also use Google Adsense to use email marketing. E-mail marketing is one that is alive about the regular reader of your blog's visitor's blog. If you are a blogger, you can use a free service feedback tool for Google from your email list.

Mistake 5: Reasonably optimize the post of Karna

Blog posts can not be optimized correctly from Bahu, blog post search engine has weakened me. There is too much to customize a blog post for SEO. All the people are required for a new blogger, that they learn from the SEO seafront mei Aichi Tarah and the UK Fence uses that SEO in my blog.

SEO is a very big element on which we are connected to the search engine for organic traffic on our blog. Learning SEO is not very difficult to learn.

To fully optimize a blog post, you have to give Chizo's bery day. Here's what you can customize to it for you to post something like Batatu on which you can post it. Whatever you use for the main keyword.

The main keyword should use the headline (blog post title 6 big tips for writing Hindi main) main keyword URL (permalink) I can use the word first and last 50-100 to use my main word I use the keyword Alt-tag me main keywords in bold, italic and the linear car Deckward's H1, H2, H3 heading tags, of my used curries. (SEO friendly image how banaye) External link anchor text I use keyword (backlink or eka fide) Length of content 700+ word zerosity title and meta description Keywords are used for me (blogger for meta tags) Works) 2% -3% Rakhi (what is the keyword density of keywords)

It is my hope that if you can adapt to all points to fulfill, then you can customize your blog post correctly.

Mistake 6: No Profit of Guest Posting

Guest posting is a way by which you have time to improve my own blog. But even though the Hindi blogger has not found the post of guest post, it is adding to the fact that bloggers have no mind, you have not seen that the posting has been broken.

Agarkar is a great way for you to post any guest on the blog, on your blog is traffic and with lots of your eyes are also offering your readers. You also have a fund for guest posting that does not even have a high quality back-link here. From the guest posting, the Ipaka Deusers expert from Carpus is a Rishishan brother from Blogger who has a lot to do for you and blogging.

Guest is bigger than posting and you have ironed food iron. The list is a Hindi blogger, I am sure you can not make a mistake in guest posting and you can post a blog after a blog after your blog.

Mistake 7: W bloggers do not post a blog post

If I talk to my Hindi bloggers' s Hindi blogger then I am running a competition from English blogger. Every single Hindi blogger has a quick success tonight. If you have anything to gain from me, then you will wished step-by-step.

Networking is such a tarika whose dwarf is we blogging for a very long time. For a blogger's palm, its networking will be smuggled and the door will create a strong network with Blogger. Jotting is not only YouTube's relationship with your blogger, but you also have blogging in Agge Badge

If you read what you have done by becoming a relationship with the Khurd bloggers, then you are very good at making the lasting relationship between blogger at two o'clock -

You can ask this help for the problem of blogging about you, you can take a review of the Choice Plant, you can take technical assistance, guest posting on the UK blog. They also have more fads than creating relationships with blogger

Networking is one of the most important elements to me. Blogging can use social media for you to link to blogger related to Blogger, you can regularly comment on a blog if you send an email to all of you Keep doing my job in a good relationship with your chess blogger.

Mistake 8: Do not see the star of blogging as "a business"

Do you blogging to blogging for a blog success in the list you have successfully blogging to do. There are many bloggers who see blogging as a hobby. As a business and as a hobby, I'm about to repeat. If you look for blogging as a business, you will help me to increase your productivity and branding, if the popular bloggers speak of popular bloggers for blogging then a business is looking for a job and that is a business smile. Is it

As I have been successful in a business that is in Zardari of the scheme, I have also got the success of blogging and I need a plan. Advance your blogging business for your business and you will go to your mind and you are doing business to make you successful and you can think of yourself more than your thoughts. Blogging is not a hobby anymore, it's hard to believe that you are the end of online business.

Mistake 9: Do not read a blog post from a blogger

We read the blog post of another and how do you read that even after posting your blog, you still do not even know the information at any time. But there are Kai bloggers, which is Ginkgo laget that the blog post of two new bloggers is also a bar. Agar was also like you that you have been lied to Koi jiya jiyad dusarar's blog post. You do not have any idea about a new thing that will become a hot habit.

Blogging is such a thing that when any participant can not learn full. To know your blog's blog post, come to know your knowledge, even with knowledge you have beaten too. What is your blog on the blog?

From blog blogger's blog post you have a drinking problem in what you can do on your blog but you can change the blog to improve my blog by changing it.

Mistake 10: I always thought about money

All the Blogger's Ender Sebs are common mistakes, how much you are worth, blogging is a long term investment plan, as long as you have to wait to earn your money. The list made you work in blogging while earning money for the business. You barely had your blog run by bare socialists.

By blogging, you work in taxificial money when you work on the right direction. It is not a matter of what you are, you are in the bottle case, you are doing our kiosks and we are doing our duty.

Blogging Many people are dreaming bigger than love at home. Wherever I am going from here to a dream, dream is not fulfilled to dream, Bali work to fulfill the dream.

To make money from blogging, you have become the most knowledgeable person that blogging is and what works for me in the right direction. If you earn money from your money in Jassis, then how much money can you make. After all, where do I tell you all from here that you pay attention to blogging work more than my money

Last word

Blogging Everybody makes a mistake in Blogger. A binding blogger is too hot, something or something from your mistakes. I used to make mistakes on the grounds that they make big mistakes from all the mistakes. The list has improved in Puri Koshis Karen of Karnataka to help Blogger Inga to make all the mistakes.

Many people, blogger, I have been in the West for a very long time looking at the activities of others. As long as you look at social media and other activities, I do west or you work for your blog at the appropriate time, you do a great job on your blog. It is my duty that you will not make any mistakes with you and concentrate fully on the blog.

The list is a blogger you send to friends of your blog, let me know about the mistakes in blogging. Thank you, Mai, that you have to take your time out of the post. The list gives me a review of your Hz Use Use / Suggestion Box for any questions / suggestions related to this relationship.

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Make me web career and development career.

Make me web career and development career.

Make me web career and development career. Around half of my decks, schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, companies, small organizations, etc. are all sites. The internet is the person who is the owner of KC Firms, who has a home based company.


The web design is Zaheer from Betheath Scope, that is also the demand of web designer, and whether the web designer is a web designer for doing so or not yet to do so


To Guides A logo is a logo that was set up in my career by web designing, no matter what you are. Web designing is part of the handheld well.


What tools do you have?


Hi-Internet connectivity time and concentration on computers and laptops


What was wrong


The Basics of Internet Browser and English Browser's Internet Browser


Did you learn?


Internet Time So far I have a lot of websites and I do not get web designing free and I have not paid any money from them. Hi Friends and Books, Dono Me Hi


If English is weak then there is no bat, today's bent I have spoken in Hindi everything has become too coy.


And if there is a site on the go, then sell me Hindi language web designing book.


  Always was looking forward to earning a lot of money from me


# 1: First HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
There is no restriction on any website of HTML, web designing is the language that HTML before me is HTML, not only that, the course of web designing course has started.


The original poem of Wijing for web pageing of HTML is that I am also a part, is already good for HTML5.


Designing the HTML language website's structure, whether anything has become a search / model of the website.


And without the rest, Karnataka's work is in queue.


HTML is a language that I like Notepad from the window window, it's a code / coding, I can save my browser to save the web page.


Click here to search HTML in the sabels website:- or in English: "HTML in English", find a website for yourself.


# 2: In exchange for HTML, I learned CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
As is the design of HTML's website's structure, its use is CSS color, size, padding, margin, style etc.


Example: If HTML is a BH model of BH, then we have equal color and better looking things like CSS, and Yahoo also likes Notepad me.


Even the best website for CSS is w3schools hi.


YouTube and Google are also searching me to teach CSS whether every language, video and lesson is available to me.


Look at the dono carefully, on the basis of the dono, the Kai Patti website is designed.


And one thing is bad for them, the same is the animation.


This is a language that is javascript for photo sliding, animation, pop up and functions.


My blog has not learned CSS in lieu of HTML, my blog has shown me from blogspot platform in lieu of HTML and CSS.


Now if you go to the blogspot platform on some blogspot platform, then tell me about HTML and CSS that I can prepare any test on my website. And design your blogspot template.


The template for any website template based on HTML and CSS is no longer the blogspot me.


I like a large Notepad template of the blogspot template, I click on the template of the website and hi to using CSS and HTML. And the file of every page of HTML is not me, but I still do not know. Blogspot has been designed on the basis of XML.
An ATI Tricks to Design a Template


Something is wrong if you are new, then pay me a new template design. Explain the softness code of the initiative, and one of your code has been changed that you are doing.


I did not like anything because I change my work and change any template.


Note: This technique is blogspot and website, which is not yet of any kind


First of all, I can change my code to open the website / blog.


However, font, division, section etc. I change the right option, click on the OK option, and even select the option.


Then you element will be open. If it's the right side I open up I have footer.


I can also edit the code in you either.


This is for a practical learning, I can change my code from you, I can apply myself using the real file.


Note: Check me for any change, the actual file is not a change in me or website, I can not change it.


If it changes from here, then I can also change the blogspot or website templates in search of people who use it.


By doing this you are able to practice and designing skills of your website will also be battered.


Based on HTML and CSS, the website and blogspot template are designed to give me information about my liability.


What is liable?


This means that your website is to open a computer / laptop in the browser, is it even open from mobile?


Even if the AP / website template of the blog is open to the PC and Mobile also the knowledge of an open responsibility I open that too.


To learn the best hoggetstrap for this.


# 3: For HTML and CSS I have a template design for website and blogspot and I have been badly designed for bootstrap


To save the time of bootstrap, IMEM coding is to be done and is to design a very good website.


Jyotir log uses Bootstrap, it is crate that ISM is responsive web page design.


This is not a software that does not have code and creates a website for its app.


This is a technique that is used by Saturn to use the Jaska Cancer website.


Bootstrap also teaches in 3 schools with everyone.


# 4: Ab Php and JavaScript Sikhe


Still to teach Javascript and PHP, you have the dono hi script language.


Contact form PHP, data creation, management, account, login, logout, everything is head.


For example, there is also a form on a website, so we read it from HTML and look like a design from our CSS and to use any user, we can get form data to fill our form. Are there. PHP me hot


You also read in my school by school.


# 5: Since learning PHP and Javascript, HTML and CSS, website and blogspot template designing: WordPress


WordPress is all in me language. PHP is very much about GISAM, if you prepare a template for a blog template then prepare it to design a WordPress template.


But there is also chat on the basis of wordpress sql.


SQL (Structure Query Language) analyzes a data about the language of Kern, but this is not important for you, but you can design it on WordPress WordPress theme only.


To develop SQL advance level, I have to teach.


If you have been educated to complete WordPress, I do not like anything. Theme design etc.


But WordPress is not a very good page on me template / theme blogspot. Each title has header, footer, sidebar, index etc. Now pages are designing the Notepad file.


Christian bad also does not end the line for web designing and development, e-commerce, social site etc. You also have high bandi based on PHP, JS, HTML and CSS, SKK.


There is also a lesson of lessons and also the language Haijas Python, ASP etc.


IKK has also written to me the online application and software for programming languages ​​like C ++, Java, etc. In the editor of programming language, like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP etc. So far, the notepad editor is very much.




The editor of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP is notepad, it's like the window in my hand, so I start searching I can find it.


But the editor of yahoo is not fully developed. Ishmael Kai problem is a lot of consciousness.


Isca Solution is Notepad ++ coding language software which you can download me for free. You are my favorite software.




When an ecommerce site is divided, jamaze Amazon, Flipkart etc. You are a web bunch of web design and developing language.


Tab WordPress can not be used too WordPress jois is open framework design. Is it necessary to wear very deep and advanced knowledge and experimentation at the level.


Filhal You take careers from zero to Friday and take it.


Itini Bad article I definitely want to make any questions, so I can still make it clear to digest it or even have a reaction about it.