10 Blogging Mistakes You Have “The End” Car Of The Blog.

10 Blogging Mistakes You Have "The End" Car Of The Blog.

10 Blogging Mistakes You Have “The End” Car Of The Blog. Do you know about somebody who uses blogger berries? Agar My Honesty does not have any blog from Yahoo!, which has not made any mistakes in the journey of pure blogging. I do not have any person perfect. Every person makes a lot of mistakes and teaches his life.

If you have anything to do for me, then you can make yourself a mistake. If you make a mistake in your friend, make sure to work for you to work that you will love me, I have got success The chances are the jet jets.

Every blogger is my fault in my blogging life, but it is not so in professional bloggers that you have accepted the mistake. Blogging is one of the mistakes I made, every mistake you learn. Today’s Ich post I will share some very difficult points to you. Jesco has done many blogging blogs. Mai ummed Karta, You will read these points carefully and work on one thing because it is better that you will do it.

Agarkar You do not know that you have been exposed to Mac Yakin that you can ignore the blog, the date of “The End” is the same.

10 Blogging Mistakes You Have the Power to End Your Blog-

Mistake 1: Blogging through lazy (lazy)

Latey’s MTL is eighty hot. If you are busy for blogging, then you are a big mistake, because blogging can make you end up with blogging.

I have become a blogger who has all my own self. For blogging to say that bloggers are very lazy and they are very lazy, they do not do a lot of blogging. An unlawful blogger is not updating on the regular basis of his blog, finds that great and supportive content is still loved and there is a lot of work that is a shameful blogger.

A lazy person comes to do every single thing to do. But you can also know that whatever I liked I have not got success. If you achieve your goal, then do the kern to get away from the kern.

You do not have the success of blogging is easy to do. It’s hundreds of people who are working hard to get to work with Blogger Yuri. Izaliyas save their own kin and keel and are working hard with full focus on their work.

Laziness is the power to destroy the online business by eliminating your career. Focus on your work the latest day of your brain.

Mistake 2: Non-maintenance of post frequency

Post Frequency plays a very neutral role for a blog. Post frequency is MTL, that is, we publish your blog article by kissing. If you update your blog regularly for a plan, you can ignore your blog to read your blog to see your blog. You have to fix the carnation while publishing artwork on your blog and you can publish 1 artistic from the work of the dial.

Must be read: Before publishing the post, check first 9 points

You can publish articles of your daily 1 article to your visitors, also go to your blog daily to do 1 article also. Traffic, revenues and Alexa rankings also fall prey to those who do not keep post-frequencies. The blog post frequency for online business is very important to keep your blog post frequency in order to continue your blog.

Mistake 3: Repeat remarks not too logical

Some of Maine’s Hindi bloggers are watching that they comment on their blog with very few takers and play again. Blogging tells me about such a bad feature that you do a lot of work in. Agar You do not have to play any again with the comments for Bengali on the blog, so you can tell the regular readers of your blog. You can comment about your blog that a professional blogger’s clips are released.

Agar to comment on the blog, you want to play your logo again, that your people will become a bigger relationship together and see their readers through their close blog about their marriage relationship. .

Besides the relationship with the comment, there is another trust of the people. You should play the replay again for the value of every comment on your blog. My hope is that you will make a mistake by commenting very quickly from your blog.

Mistake 4: Email List No Building Particle

If talking 20% ​​to 20% of top English blogger income is talking to email marketing. But Hindi Blogger does not have the power of e-mail marketing. If you use affiliate marketing to earn money from your blog, then affiliate marketing for email marketing is very high.

Bloggers can also use Google Adsense to use email marketing. E-mail marketing is one that is alive about the regular reader of your blog’s visitor’s blog. If you are a blogger, you can use a free service feedback tool for Google from your email list.

Mistake 5: Reasonably optimize the post of Karna

Blog posts can not be optimized correctly from Bahu, blog post search engine has weakened me. There is too much to customize a blog post for SEO. All the people are required for a new blogger, that they learn from the SEO seafront mei Aichi Tarah and the UK Fence uses that SEO in my blog.

SEO is a very big element on which we are connected to the search engine for organic traffic on our blog. Learning SEO is not very difficult to learn.

To fully optimize a blog post, you have to give Chizo’s bery day. Here’s what you can customize to it for you to post something like Batatu on which you can post it. Whatever you use for the main keyword.

The main keyword should use the headline (blog post title 6 big tips for writing Hindi main) main keyword URL (permalink) I can use the word first and last 50-100 to use my main word I use the keyword Alt-tag me main keywords in bold, italic and the linear car Deckward’s H1, H2, H3 heading tags, of my used curries. (SEO friendly image how banaye) External link anchor text I use keyword (backlink or eka fide) Length of content 700+ word zerosity title and meta description Keywords are used for me (blogger for meta tags) Works) 2% -3% Rakhi (what is the keyword density of keywords)

It is my hope that if you can adapt to all points to fulfill, then you can customize your blog post correctly.

Mistake 6: No Profit of Guest Posting

Guest posting is a way by which you have time to improve my own blog. But even though the Hindi blogger has not found the post of guest post, it is adding to the fact that bloggers have no mind, you have not seen that the posting has been broken.

Agarkar is a great way for you to post any guest on the blog, on your blog is traffic and with lots of your eyes are also offering your readers. You also have a fund for guest posting that does not even have a high quality back-link here. From the guest posting, the Ipaka Deusers expert from Carpus is a Rishishan brother from Blogger who has a lot to do for you and blogging.

Guest is bigger than posting and you have ironed food iron. The list is a Hindi blogger, I am sure you can not make a mistake in guest posting and you can post a blog after a blog after your blog.

Mistake 7: W bloggers do not post a blog post

If I talk to my Hindi bloggers’ s Hindi blogger then I am running a competition from English blogger. Every single Hindi blogger has a quick success tonight. If you have anything to gain from me, then you will wished step-by-step.

Networking is such a tarika whose dwarf is we blogging for a very long time. For a blogger’s palm, its networking will be smuggled and the door will create a strong network with Blogger. Jotting is not only YouTube’s relationship with your blogger, but you also have blogging in Agge Badge

If you read what you have done by becoming a relationship with the Khurd bloggers, then you are very good at making the lasting relationship between blogger at two o’clock –

You can ask this help for the problem of blogging about you, you can take a review of the Choice Plant, you can take technical assistance, guest posting on the UK blog. They also have more fads than creating relationships with blogger

Networking is one of the most important elements to me. Blogging can use social media for you to link to blogger related to Blogger, you can regularly comment on a blog if you send an email to all of you Keep doing my job in a good relationship with your chess blogger.

Mistake 8: Do not see the star of blogging as “a business”

Do you blogging to blogging for a blog success in the list you have successfully blogging to do. There are many bloggers who see blogging as a hobby. As a business and as a hobby, I’m about to repeat. If you look for blogging as a business, you will help me to increase your productivity and branding, if the popular bloggers speak of popular bloggers for blogging then a business is looking for a job and that is a business smile. Is it

As I have been successful in a business that is in Zardari of the scheme, I have also got the success of blogging and I need a plan. Advance your blogging business for your business and you will go to your mind and you are doing business to make you successful and you can think of yourself more than your thoughts. Blogging is not a hobby anymore, it’s hard to believe that you are the end of online business.

Mistake 9: Do not read a blog post from a blogger

We read the blog post of another and how do you read that even after posting your blog, you still do not even know the information at any time. But there are Kai bloggers, which is Ginkgo laget that the blog post of two new bloggers is also a bar. Agar was also like you that you have been lied to Koi jiya jiyad dusarar’s blog post. You do not have any idea about a new thing that will become a hot habit.

Blogging is such a thing that when any participant can not learn full. To know your blog’s blog post, come to know your knowledge, even with knowledge you have beaten too. What is your blog on the blog?

From blog blogger’s blog post you have a drinking problem in what you can do on your blog but you can change the blog to improve my blog by changing it.

Mistake 10: I always thought about money

All the Blogger’s Ender Sebs are common mistakes, how much you are worth, blogging is a long term investment plan, as long as you have to wait to earn your money. The list made you work in blogging while earning money for the business. You barely had your blog run by bare socialists.

By blogging, you work in taxificial money when you work on the right direction. It is not a matter of what you are, you are in the bottle case, you are doing our kiosks and we are doing our duty.

Blogging Many people are dreaming bigger than love at home. Wherever I am going from here to a dream, dream is not fulfilled to dream, Bali work to fulfill the dream.

To make money from blogging, you have become the most knowledgeable person that blogging is and what works for me in the right direction. If you earn money from your money in Jassis, then how much money can you make. After all, where do I tell you all from here that you pay attention to blogging work more than my money

Last word

Blogging Everybody makes a mistake in Blogger. A binding blogger is too hot, something or something from your mistakes. I used to make mistakes on the grounds that they make big mistakes from all the mistakes. The list has improved in Puri Koshis Karen of Karnataka to help Blogger Inga to make all the mistakes.

Many people, blogger, I have been in the West for a very long time looking at the activities of others. As long as you look at social media and other activities, I do west or you work for your blog at the appropriate time, you do a great job on your blog. It is my duty that you will not make any mistakes with you and concentrate fully on the blog.

The list is a blogger you send to friends of your blog, let me know about the mistakes in blogging. Thank you, Mai, that you have to take your time out of the post. The list gives me a review of your Hz Use Use / Suggestion Box for any questions / suggestions related to this relationship.

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