10 Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes to Increase Revenue

10 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes to Increase Revenue. Adsense is a great medium to earn money, but many times it has to be seen that a lot of people complain that they are earning very little money from Adsense in the month. Hardly they are able to earn 1 $ from $ 0.1 a day.

Here, I can tell you that Adsense revenue does not just depend on your traffic but also on many other things such as Ad placement, Ad color, which country has clicked, Adsense optimized WordPress theme etc ..

There are many premium WordPress themes that can help you to theĀ 10 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes to Increase Revenue.

These themes are designed specifically for getting high CTR (Click through rate) on your ads. These themes help in generating more and more high paying ads from your content.

I’ve included the best AdSense wordpress themes for everyone that you can use right away.

These themes come with strategic ad locations and lots of subtle optimizations that make your website look good to display ads.

I’m going to tell you about 10 great WordPress themes which have been optimized for AdSense in a very professional way. Observe the list carefully and find out which theme is perfect for you.

Best Premium Google Adsense WordPress Themes

1. AdSense Theme by MyThemeShop

AdSense Theme by MyThemeShop

This is the newest and best AdSense wordpress theme that is useful for earning more than ads. This theme comes with many advanced features which are very unique and unique in itself.

Anti-adblocker technique is one of these features which show pop-ups to visitors who have installed ad-blocker add-on. If they want to read your blog then this technique tells the user to disable the ad-blocker. .

The Ad-blocker feature can be configured in many ways, by hiding a post’s content or by showing a warning using the flyout.

This theme comes with 8 beautiful pre-defined layouts which you can use for a particular niche blog like-

  1. Tech blog
  2. Fashion blog
  3. Food blog
  4. Sports blog
  5. Baby blog
  6. Fitness blog
  7. News blog
  8. Online shopping blog

If you want to increase the earnings of AdSense with the help of the theme, this WordPress theme is the best for AdSense bloggers.

2. Truemag: AD & AdSense Optimized MagazineTruemag: AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine

Truemag is an excellent WordPress theme, which is created keeping in mind the special monetization. Different advertising areas are on different strategic hotspots that match perfectly with website design.

Front page has sidebar as well as there are many ad locations in blog posts, where you can place your ads.

AdSense ad units that are built-in in the website are fully responsive. This means that your ads will appear in all devices. These retina ready themes come with WooCommerce integration, so you can easily integrate an online shop on your website. You can choose custom layout, color skins, font icons, and countless sidebars with the help of the theme’s options section.

The cost of Truemag is only $ 58

3. IsleMag Free WordPress Theme

IsleMag Free WordPress Theme

IsleMag is a famous free WordPress theme that makes blogger easy to monetize AdSense.

This theme has been downloaded nearly 3000+ times and is also known as the AdSense friendly magazine WordPress theme.

Because of the responsive design, you can take maximum advantage of mobile and tablet traffic, but I would advise you to use responsive AdSense ad units so that you can maximize your AdSense earnings.

If you want to highlight a particular post on your homepage, use the built-in Carousel Slider.

The thing I like most about this theme is that it is updated many times due to which it is suited to the latest version of WordPress.

If you are looking for a free magazine style AdSense WordPress theme, IsleMag is a great and best option.

4. Grimag: AD Optimized Magazine

Grimag: AD Optimized Magazine

Grimag is the best WordPress magazine theme for editors and publishers.

Theme developer’s have optimized Grimag for maximum monetization output. Available advertising positions are given strategic positions according to the overall design. Using this theme, you can show your attractive ads and earn a lot of profit from your content.

The most interesting feature of this theme is its fixed sidebar. You can easily display site-wide advertisements in the sidebar. You can trust the responsive layout of the theme, it will look good on your website all screen size.

These retina-ready WordPress themes can also be translated into other supported languages.

Grimag theme costs only $ 48

5. TruePixel


TruePixel is another attractive WordPress theme that features features such as front page, single posts, and multiple ad locations on pages.

With this theme being fully optimized for AdSense, you can get good CTR and CPC from visitors.

TruePixel’s luminous design is good for news, magazine, and entertainment websites.

This responsive theme has a large “featured” section that you can use to show popular or recent posts. This speed-optimized theme will load your pages faster, so that your search engine ranking will be better and will also provide a good user experience.

TruePixel theme can be yours only in $ 45.

6. NewsOnline


NewsOnline theme is a responsive theme with a unique style.

Its amazing design attracts visitors itself. If you want to show a lot of content on your website and want to earn a lot of money from it, then this theme is good for you.

NewsOnline has been cleverly designed to create ad spaces, so that your visitors will not even distract and you will earn good. This SEO-optimized theme also has parallax effects, an off-canvas mobile menu, social media buttons and lots of shortcodes.

NewsOnline theme can be yours only in $ 45

7. GoMedia


If you’re looking for special ad locations in a news, magazine, or blog theme, GoMedia is great for you.

Four ad locations on the home page You can disable any of these or if you want to create a new ad location on the website.

There is an advanced control panel in which you can access all the settings of the website from one place. This theme package also comes with several custom widgets such as Twitter and Flickr. You can choose full width, archive and other pages from custom page templates.

GoMedia theme costs only $ 49.

8. Nominal


If you want a simple WordPress theme for your next blog site in which you can show a few advertisements, then you should put the Nominal WordPress theme at the top of all the options.

Its default layout includes HTML and image banner which will be directly below the menu and right above the sidebar. If you have sponsors for your blog, you can easily show them in the sidebar.

In addition to its default ads, you can use custom widgets to show ads in different places without even touching the theme code. This SEO-friendly theme is also optimized for loading all your pages in a short time.

Nominal theme can be yours in just $ 45

9. DizzyMag: Ad & Review Optimized – AdSense Ready

DizzyMag: Ad & Review Optimized - AdSense Ready

DizzyMag is a great AdSense-ready magazine, news or blog theme for WordPress that has top advertising location on top of the site and two more ad locations.

Responsive ad units and strategic hot pots will help maximize your monetization efforts.

DizzyMag also has a full-featured review and ratings system. With this feature, you can publish a deep review of your favorite products and services. This theme supports WooCommerce, because of which you can also add an online shop to your website.

The price of DizzyMag theme is just $ 58

10. Goliath: Ads Optimized News & Reviews Magazine

Goliath: Ads Optimized News & Reviews Magazine

Goliath is a responsive ad-optimized WordPress theme which is useful for creating magazine WordPress sites. With its integrated control panel, you can show Google AdSense on home page and other ads on three dedicated places. It has Revolution Slider and Visual Composer, so you can easily create amazing layouts for visitors.

This theme package includes rating system, summary features and enhanced review display options.

There is also WooCommerce and bbPress support in this multi-lingual theme. This theme package also includes PSD files, so you can easily customize your website look.

You can get the Goliath theme just in $ 58

Which AdSense WordPress theme is right for you?

Now you know about many AdSense optimized themes for WordPress, which theme did you like? Are you going to use a theme for your next website?

You can reach me by giving your decision and comment comments. Your comments will be waiting.

In the end, I just want to say if I have missed a very good AdSense optimized theme, then you can comment and tell me.

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